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A lot has been going on in my world. I promise to finish these out, but the time frame is screwed now. So sorry it's not very quick. Life happens ya know lol. I still hope you enjoy this and the ones coming soon!
You guys planned a date together and you were all ready to go, and waiting at your door for him to pick you up. But he was late. You get a video call from him, and it's him still in bed. He told you he was really sick and was sorry but he could barely move, much less go out. He still manages to smile through his words, even though he sounds horrible.
Of course you tell him it's ok and to get some rest. what you didn't tell him was that you were going to come take care of him and at least break his fever. so you quickly change, go to the market and pick up ingredients for a hearty porridge and medicine.
You get to his place and ring his doorbell a few times before you hear shuffling inside. he opens the door and looks miserable and shocked to see you. he tries smiling but you can see he's fatigued. you feel his head and he's scorching. so you drop your bags and guide him to his bed. you find a bowl for cold water and a rag and mop his forehead, neck, inner elbows, hands, and feet alternately until his fever is down, and ignore his protests during the process. Once he's quieted down and compliant, you get him to take some medicine and wait for him to fall asleep before moving from his side.
You go get the bags you left at his door, and rummage around his kitchen, quietly, and proceed to make him some porridge for him to eat when he wakes. You quietly hum to yourself in satisfaction when you taste the finished product. It just might be the best batch you've made yet. After a couple hours of letting him rest, you gently wake him, and sit by his side on the bed and lovingly feed him the soup. He only takes a few bites, and tries to smile through the medicine induced grogginess. You have him lay back down for some more sleep, and after packing up the left overs for him and cleaning up, you sit next to him, with cold rag and keep mopping the sheen off his face as he sweats it out in his sleep. Before you know it, you've found yourself quite sleepy as well, and you move to get up, but his warm hand reaches you to pull you back to his side. So you close your eyes and fall asleep next to him.
When he wakes up, he sees you still asleep and looks at you lovingly and caresses your face gently as not to wake you. He quietly sneaks out of the room, showers, dresses, and as he's feeling much better, runs to the store to suprise you with breakfast. He wakes you up with a kiss on your forehead, and before you notice anything you reach for his face to make sure he's well enough to be up. You lift his chin to get a good look at him, and blush from the gaze he gives you in return. you finally notice the tray of food at the foot of the bed, and a single red rose. You smile and before you can say anything he presents you with a small ribboned box. When you open it, it's empty and think it's a joke. He tells you it's invisible, but it's a very priceless gift. He says it's his heart, and that you own it. Ypu smile shyly and in return he gives you that amazing smile of his. While you eat the food he's prepared, he pulls out a guitar from his closet and sings "All of Me" to you. You stop eating, and he asks you if it's not good. You tell him it's delicious, but because of him you're already full. He leans on the bed and envelopes you in his arms. He whispers in your ear that he's lucky to have you and that he'll never let you go, and he hopes this makes up for missing the date.
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@StephanieDuong awww thanks!! 😘
Thats got to be the sweetest date ever, even though he was sick 😷
@MelissaGarza I think so too! it worked out!