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Jesus went with him. Jesus is always quick to respond to calls for help. He went at once with Jairus when his little daughter was dying. But He is never in a hurry. Although the child was at the point of death, when a poor woman in the throng touched the hem of His garment, with a heart–cry for healing in the touch, Jesus gave heed to her and gave her the blessing she sought. He even lingered to talk with her. By the time He had done this, it seemed that He had waited too long, for word came that the child was dead. But Jesus is just as able to restore the dead, as He is to heal the sick. So His delay in reaching the ruler’s house resulted in a greater work, when He raised the dead child to life, than if He had hastened and had kept her from dying. We need never be afraid of Christ’s delays – He never tarries too long. We may learn a lesson, too, on the beauty of wayside work. When we are going somewhere on an errand of business we may find opportunities of doing others kindnesses on the way.
God is with you: do not be dismayed; because He is your God: He will strengthen you; He will help you; He will uphold you with Christ. Believe
well I have been asking for months for His help but it doesn't seem to be God is responding. God I really need your help