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Hi guys!

I am currently moving apartments, and wanted to show you guys what a brand new apartment might look like when you move to Korea.

They can look pretty dirty and bleak, but once you put furniture in them they can start to feel like a home :)

This apartment costs about $3500 up front as a security deposit, and my rent is about $450 a month including my water bill. This is in one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Seoul.

You can find much cheaper in the Sinchon/Hongdae area and many other neighborhoods!
I still have to pay electric, heating/gas, and wifi but that's never a huge bill.

If you have any questions let me know!

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It's such a cute apartment. 😊 I like it.
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You should name him ben, that's how you say "Stem" in chinese!!
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So cute! I love that idea!!!!
a year ago
I have a question! :0 So you just take a shower in the middle of the bathroom?
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Yeah you learn how to hide your stuff from the water HAHA!
a year ago
This is cool man I can't wait for a future in Korea
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Thanks! Hope you're able to get here soon :)
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