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It's sad to say, but idols have it hard. They don't see their family very often. So, I'm happy that these handsome guys are going back home to celebrate Chuseok with their families. (They have not been able to do that since debut.)
Chuseok is often known as Korean Thanksgiving Day that usually lasts for three days.
During this time ISAC (preview above) and SBS's Chuseok Pilot will be aired in which they will appear.
In the mean time, MX left these greetings to fans celebrating Chuseok.

Translation Below:

I.M though ㅋㅋㅋ ♡♡

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that was so sweet of them 😍
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Awwww they're so sweet to Monebebes~ I'm so glad that they get to go and spend time with their families~~ Monsta X is the best!!! cx
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