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Yes. The time has come. I have prepared a gift for you.
Let's bump up the traditional rating for these cards to about 16 +, you dirty little stinkin' rascals.
And now, let's begin.

Seducing JuNoShi8

Hoshi is the type of guy who isn’t afraid to put on a show, but that doesn’t mean he’d be expecting you to put one on for him. When the time comes for the both of you to pursue… particular activities, he would almost be frustrating with how little he pressures you into doing things. He’s satisfied with flirting, hand holding, etc; so when you initiate, clad in only a tank top and the shortest of shorts, he wouldn’t know how to respond—but he would absolutely love it. He would be so giddy, trying to control his excitement with stars twinkling in his eyes. And then, when there becomes a rhythm of things, he would switch into his masculine and sexy side and over power you sweetly, his kingly body rolls a definite plus in this scenario.
Minghao is squishy and cute and heartwarming—yeah, but we all know he has another, cunning and mischievous side. He isn’t dramatically pushy when it comes to doing things, but he absolutely ADORES teasing you any chance he gets. Whether it be in public or the practice room on break, he would come up from behind you and hug you tightly, placing his head in the crook of your neck. That’s the tell-tale sign you know to look for when he’s in a certain mood. But again; he isn’t pushy, so he wouldn’t ask anything of you and would intend for everything to play out on its own. But when you do give him sight of what you want him to do, he cannot wait to get on top of you with that mischievous smirk and damnable wink. You know he would be wishing for it, so when you take it to the next level, he is more than enlightened to give you what he wanted to all along.
This dude is more of a quiet, shy guy in this realm. From the start—first hand holds, first kisses, etc—Jun would always blush and look away with a tight grin. It’s cute! It would take a long time to coax him into warming up to new things, all the way until BOOM… a sexy beast within him awakens and he gives you the deepest pleasure imaginable. And all it took from you was to approach him donning one of his T-shirts while he was sat on the couch. Like Hoshi, there’s the sudden transition, from cute boy to manly man, all in a flash… even you didn’t expect it! But Jun would prioritize your pleasure more than his own and want to get straight to the point of things, so mild teasing in the beginning. But he loves to kiss—looooves it. Not petty little smooches, I’m talking the hot, heavy-breathing exchange. He would want to use his mouth on everything. And in the end of it, he would revert back to his shy, sweet self, and you would giggle about it together.
Right, so this chap here is shameless and a killer tease. He aims to make people know who you belong to, and he always brags about you! Pinching your cheeks in public, playfully slapping your butt—or you slapping his. He loves it all! He’d be the one coaxing you into new bounds, all with that excited smile of his. Everything new would be fun to him. That being said, he is EXTREMELY adventurous, and when you seduce him, he would want to try all sorts of things. He would jump up from his seat and basically skip to the bed room if it meant you were doing something new. But if he’s into anything… he loves to hear you moan. Call his name. Just to know that he’s doing things right, he always pushes to hear those things from your lips, so even to spice it up, he gets a kick out of dirty talk. He’s a naughty boy.
(Did I really just say he's a naughty boy?!)
Ugh, whatever thanks for tuning in this week!
It seems as though this quarter will be ending soon, so I hope to do as many special things for the performance unit as I possibly can!
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