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WARNING: Mild Language
The after party for just the group was noisy and lasted until the very wee hours of the morning. After such an energetic performance, who would have guessed that they still had the energy to party? You most definitely are feeling your age, or at least the effects of not being in this world any longer.
Around 3 am, Tong tucks you in next to him in the back seat of his car. He lays your head on his shoulder and kisses the top of your head as the car pulls out from the curb. All is peaceful and quiet, comfortable and delicious, tucked in securely to him.
On the street, flashes by the dozen go off and a few cars pull away from the curb to follow Tong’s car away.
You slept with your phone off; honestly, Tong would be just as tired and had mentioned sleeping in himself. When you lift your tired head from your pillow, it was to hear Terra cursing and pacing in the next room.
Your standing in the bedroom doorway, staring at her bleary eyed and trying to figure out what's going on. Your brain still isn’t functioning fully, you have no idea she's talking about you.
“You’re so LOUD. What’s the matter?!”
She looks over at you, down to the phone in your hand and heads in your direction.
“You slept with your phone off right? Here let me see it.” As she lunges to take it from you; you move it out of the way. Now you’re awake.
“What’s up Terra? Why are you acting like this?”
“Just…” she starts but you shake your head no and turn your phone on. She hangs her head and slumps down on the couch. “I’m sorry boo, really I am. I didn’t realize they had a leak, I trusted their crew, I didn't know someone would tell!”
“What?” You go over to sit next to her when your phone starts going off. 46 missed calls, 5 text messages, 2 voice mails. “Holy crap. Is this what you’re upset about? What hit the fan?”
“Us,” she moans.
She pulls up her internet browser to the Korean news media. On the front page is a picture of you and Terra backstage with DeLish, before their concert. The headlines scream:
“TERRA SEEN BACKSTAGE PRE-SHOW WITH DELISH. WHO IS THE MYSTERY LADY WITH HER? COULD FIRE BE BACK? Insiders believe that Fire, once infamous kpop idol of the group Forces of Nature, who disappeared from South Korea after a big scandal; was seen with her sister Terra, backstage before last night’s DeLish Concert. Other leaked photo’s make us wonder if she has even changed or if she’s back to her old tricks and antics again. Does DeLish know who they are dealing with? Do they know her history or is she playing members against each other? We have failed to be contacted by anyone from DeLish or OneSite Entertainment. Attempts to contact Tong and Ae have been unsuccessful.”
You scroll down to see a picture of you and Ae hugging after his apology, of you and Tong kissing in greeting, and the two of you together in the back of his car on the way home.
You pull out your phone and begin to scroll. You blow your hair out of your face as you begin to read.
10 missed calls from Tong
10 missed calls from OneSite
5 missed calls from the Kim household
5 missed calls from Ae
16 missed calls from various unknown numbers
1 message from Eun Kim
1 message from Mr Kim
5 texts from Tong.
You decide to deal with your man first.
“Good Morning Beautiful, I hope you were able to sleep.”
“Mr. Kim and I have it all under control, please don’t freak out.”
“Call me when you get up so you know the plan.”
“I’ve made a statement, so has Mr Kim. It’s up to you whether you want to or not.”
“I love you.”
The first and the last make you smile. You take a deep breath, okay, you can do this. You decided to stay and see what would happen between you and Tong. You both believe it will be a relationship that will go the distance. With him by your side, you can handle this. You head over to listen to your voicemails.
“Lauren honey, this is Eun. I swear I told that man he needs to fire everyone that works for DeLish and just start new. We will find the traitor. I’m so sorry this happened. Call me please; let me know what I can do for you. Should I bring lunch over?”
You have to laugh, she is such a sweet woman and like all mother’s; when the going gets tough, they feed you.
“Lauren, ‘sigh’ I’m not sure what happened last night before the concert but Tong and I talked this morning. We released a press release from each of us, I hope you are good with them. If we said anything wrong, we can make adjustments, no problem. Call me when you get up and let me know what else you would like done. As before, we've got you, this won't be a repeat.”
As you go to dial Eun, a new text comes in from Ae.
“Noona. I was mentioned in the article and felt I should also respond. I told you I would not let anyone abuse you under my watch again. I hope my comment meets with your approval. Yours.”
You have so much more support now then you did before. Your eyes tear up as you turn to Terra.
“Have they posted any of the responses from Tong, Ae, or Mr. Kim yet?”
Her face gets curious as she grabs back her iphone and begins scrolling.
“Holy Shit!”
Sorry for the hiatus! My daughter does online school and has 8 classes so the computer hasn't really been accessible after work. Hoping to change that!
I got super excited when I got the notification for the update. Dont worry about how long it takes between updates though. Everyone has a life and its more important. That all being said I am glad everyone is stepping up and trying to protect her.
Whoa!!! what happened!?! I'm on edge now!! Aishh!!!
On a ridiculous fangirl aside, where is that picture from? No reason...
Having people in your court can make a world of difference. I hope they get a handle on it. Tong and Ae are so sweet!
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