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Chapter Eleven (part 1.)

Areum's POV "You know we left school about 15 minutes ago right? There is no one here... so you can let go now.." I said looking down at our intertwined hands. I tried wiggling my hand free from his, but that just made his grip even tighter. "Why would I do that Jagi?" He said with a sly little smile on his face. I stopped and turned to face him. "Alright, it's time to be a big boy and let go of mommy's hand." I said in a sarcastic voice. I used my other hand to free myself from JB's "grip of death." My hand was free all of 2 seconds... when suddenly I felt JB's hand take mine once again. He patted my head with his free hand, "Areum, be a good girl and hold daddy's hand." He said with that damn smirk playing on his lips. We stand there for a couple seconds just looking at each other. Me, wanting to slap that pretty face of his, and him looking as though he needed to tell me something. "Areum," JB started to say, "I think..." "JB!" Jackson interrupts with Mark following close behind him. "Yo man! What are you doing in this part of town?" JB let go of my hand, and turned to greet Jackson. My eyes found there way to Mark who had been already looking at me. He nods his head in my direction, and I give him a small smile back. JB clears his throat and I look up at him. He returns to his spot beside me and grabs my hand once again. "I'm being a good boyfriend and walking Areum home." He answers Jackson. Mark lets out a small laugh under his breath. "You? A good boyfriend?" Marks face turns from joking to serious as he questions JB. There had been a very noticeable tension between the two since we started talking. I felt JB hand tighten around mine. "Let's go, Areum" JB started to turn us away from where Jackson and Mark were standing, "Talk to you later Jackson... Mark..." As we get ready to walk away I pull on JB's sleeve to get his attention, "I need to start heading to work." I whispered, trying to make my voice to where only he could hear me. JB looks at me in confusion. "You work?" He asks. I hear Jackson start to laugh behind us. "JB," he manages to say in between laughs, "You didn't know your girlfriend has a job?" JB turned around to face Jackson, "You didn't let me finish," JB looked at me. He looked as though his brain was running a million miles per hour trying to think of something to say. "I was going to say... You" I wanted to mentally face palm myself. How could this boy be considered a bad boy when he is dumber than shit... "Um. Well..." I began. "It's whatever, come on let's go then. Gotta get you to work." JB starts walking away and dragging me along with him. I hear Mark clear his throat. "Areum's job is that way." Mark pointed in the direction opposite of where JB was leading us. "Whoa, how do you know that Mark?" Jackson asked. "Because, I've visited her at work before." Mark answered while looking over at where I was standing. JB's POV Now... NOW Mark is really starting to piss me off. I understand he is in love with the girl but I'm the one dat... I mean... fake dating her right now. I let go of Areum's hand and slip my arm around her waist. I ignore the look Mark is giving me and start leading Areum in the right direction. After we walk a few blocks I let go of her waist and we both continue walking. For the most part, the walk was quite. Not an awkward quite, but a comfortable one. I finally decide to break the silence, "Why didn't you tell me you have a job?" I questioned her. "It never came up, and plus I didn't realize we were that close." She answered keeping her head facing forward as we walked. "Of course we are close, jagi." I said with a smirk. Areum smiled a little as we continued down the street. Areum looked over her shoulder behind us, my eyes followed suit. There was nothing behind us, but Areum looked as though she saw something. "What's wrong?" "Oh... um, nothing. I just had a funny feeling that's all." She answered. After walking a few more blocks we reached the small diner where Areum worked. I made sure she got inside and started my way back home. On my way, I pulled out my phone and saw that I had four missed calls... from Nari... ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○● Minseo's POV "Nari, why is JB saying that Areum is his girlfriend?" I looked across from where I was sitting. It had been hours since school ended for the day and both Nari and I had went back to her house. But by the time we had made it in the door... Nari had completely lost it, she had been crying for over an hour now. She looked pathetic. I rolled my eyes at the sight of her. She had told me before that if I told her everything that happened between JB and Areum she would help me get together with that really cute guy in our math class, Jimin. But so far she had done nothing to help me. I let out a sigh and stood up. No point in me being here if all she is going to do is sit on her floor and cry. I grabbed my things and left. After about 10 minutes of walking I looked at my phone, it was 5:24 pm, Areum would be at work right now. I kicked a pebble that was in front of me on the road. This sucks! I thought to myself. I ruined my best friends school life, just so I could maybe get a date with a cute guy. I felt tears on the brim of my eyes. It all happened so fast. I told Nari about how I saw JB leaving Areum's house that night, and before I knew it Nari had told everyone. Well she didn't tell them the whole story. Just about how I had saw someone leaving Areum's house. Nari even told everyone that Areum hooks up with guys when her parents aren't home. I feel sick, I did this to my best friend... and I don't think I can fix it.... I stopped on the sidewalk, closed my eyes, and silently cried... I'm sorry Areum... I'm so sorry... Nari's POV I wiped the tears from my face. It took that "little wanna be" one hour and thirteen minutes to finally leave. I got up off the floor and touched up my makeup in the mirror of my vanity. I hated ruining my makeup, but if I had to cry to get that leech to leave me alone, I would do it all over again. Poor thing thought I was going to help her. I think to myself. I let out a small laugh, Minseo was an idiot if she thought I was going to help her get together with one of the most popular guys in school. Girls like her (and Areum) needed to know there place, which was on the bottom of the social ladder. So yes... even though I did meet with Jimin... there wasn't much talking involved, especially about someone as insignificant as Minseo. I walked over to my bed and grabbed my phone. I had 37 texts... but none were from the one person I wanted to hear from. I decided to call JB, after four tries he finally picked up.... "What game are you trying to play JB?" I questioned him over the phone. Ever since I caught that slut sitting at the desk that was suppose to be mine, JB had been avoiding me. How dare he think that he can just call it quits with me. No one dumps me... period! I hear JB let out a sigh on the other side of the phone. "Well?!... I'm waiting!" I say trying to get a response out of him. "I'm not playing any kind of game, I, um, like Areum." "You like her? Why her?" I question him. My skin feels like its on fire. Why does this bitch keep trying to take everything that belongs to me? First she ruins my life by getting my father's position taken from him and now she is trying to steal JB from me! I won't let that happen, EVER! "I just do, so stop calling and texting me. We don't have anything else to do with each other now, okay?" JB said. Before he could hang up the phone I decided to try one last trick I had up my sleeve. "Wait! JB please, just meet with me one more time. I will clear up everything at school that I said about Areum. Just please..." I said trying to sound as pitiful as I could. I knew JB had a soft spot for girls crying, and I knew exactly how to play on that emotion. I heard him let out a sigh over the phone. "Fine." He answered. "Meet me tomorrow before school." And with that he hung up. I let out a small laugh, Who knew the bad boy was such a softy. I pulled out a cigarette and lite it, this was one of the many bad habits that JB and his friends got me started on. I scrolled through my contacts and stopped at the one I was looking for. I dialed the number, after a few rings my little checker piece picked up. "You didn't get caught did you?" I ask the person on the other line. "No," they answered back. "Good, what did you find out about her today?" I took a drag of the cigarette while I wait for their reply. "I found out what block Areum lives in, and where she works." I was impressed, I had asked this person last night to start following Areum. "Good, keep following her. And maybe scare her a little." I smiled to myself. Areum's POV My feet hurt, I almost took out some kid with my serving platter earlier, and most of my tips seem to be change... but my shift went pretty great. I opened up my work locker and grabbed my bag. Just before I could close my locker door, I saw a jacket I had been looking for, for months now. I pulled the jacket off the shelf and saw an envelope fall on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it. To Areum From Mark Ahh that's right! I thought to myself. Mark gave this to me that time he came in while I was working. I put the envelope in my bag and shut my locker. I can open it later when I get home. I made my way to the front door, turning out the lights as I passed by their switches. I always hated to work closing and having to lock up the diner. I made sure the door was closed and locked before I started my walk home. After about 10 minutes I started to have the same funny feeling I had earlier when JB was walking me to work. I peeked my head over my shoulder and looked behind me. There were a few people walking on the street. None had been walking in the same direction as me except for one person. I shook my head and continued walking, but the feeling would not leave. I walked a few more blocks and looked over my shoulder again. The same hooded figure, that had been walking the same direction as me earlier, was still behind me. I tried picking up my pace and I had notice the person seemed to do the same. I slowed down... and it was the same, this person was trying to match my pace. I pulled out my phone as subtle as I could, and dialed the first number I could think of... JB. Please pick up. I silently prayed to myself. No answer. I tried again, hoping that maybe this time he would pick up. Still no answer. I looked in my phone book and decided to call someone else. Mark lived in the same neighborhood as me so I decided to give him a call. I felt tears brim my eyes, and it felt like my sanity was hanging on by a string. I was scared... "Hey Areum, what's up?" I heard Mark say over the phone. I let out a breath of relief. "Mark," I said trying to keep my breath steady. "I think someone is following me..."
Minseo and Nari are bitches. I do not give a fuck how sorry Minseo is. Nari is not a damn sweetheart so why would she believe that bitch in thinking she'll have a chance with Jimin!!! I'm so pissed....everyone pisses me off lol (besides Mark, Areum and a tiny bit for JB now)
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