Alice: hmmmm...what's this? *opens tab to Assassination Class Screenshot Game* oooo...seems cool *read the the writing below* Omg if I get Nagisa im going to tell him about this *laughs* he'll turn red hahahaha.
Alice:*Takes screenshot* Mmmm......lets see who it is......KARMA??? Karma: called?? *smirks while switch the blades back and forth* Alice: NO! LOOK ITS NAGISA-SAMA!!! *points another direction* Karma:You aren't tricking me Nagisa:Karma? Alice:*sees Karma turn around and runs out with karma following behind*
Itoma: Alice hey...*smile and waves* Alice: Itoma-sama hey *smiles and remembers she's being chased by Karma* Omg right Itoma hid me from Karma-sama okay!! Itoma:hmmm....why?? Alice:*puppy eyes* Itoma: *sighs*.Fine.... *show you a place to hid*
Alice:*sighs* lets end this game already okay power are tentacle!!! HOW!!! *jumps and hits the top* Owww...did it know that. Karma:*hears the noise and run to the noise then walks* *smirks and opens the door* Alice!!! Alice: S***! almost caught god I love my tentacles. Karma: *didn't find Alice where the noise was.
Alice:*uses tentacle to Run and accidentally bumps into Sensei Sensei: mmm...if it isn't Alice what you doing here* Alice:Nothing...just.. Karma:Alice!! Found you !! *comes up to you and hugs you* Alice:*tentacle come out from shock* T....*faints* -End-