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Having a guy best friend was great, until the day I realized I had feelings for him. The day I realized was when he got his girlfriend. He stopped spending time with me and when we did hang out his girlfriend was always there. There was no us time. One day she had pulled me aside to talk. "(y/n) I know you like Sehun." "What are you talking about Marie?" "I'm not blind." "You're mistaken." I said kicking the ground. "(y/n) I'm going to ask you nicely to stop being friends with him." "What! No way!" "Do you want me to do it the rough way?" She said taking a step towards me. "I don't care what you do to me, but I'm not ending my friendship with Sehun." She shoved me back a bit and I stumbled. "Alright then." She said and shoved me again. She was trying to start a fight with me. I wasn't going to fight back until she said a comment to me. "You are just trash, he would never want to date trash like you." I raised my hand and smacked her. She cupped her cheek and looked at me shocked. She had tears forming in her eyes. "(y/n) what the hell are you doing?" my eyes widen, she did a quick smirk then went back to acting. "Sehun she got mad at me and slapped me. I was just trying to ask her to come out with us tonight " She said running to him and grabbed his arm. He looked at her and rubbed the spot on her that I hit. I can't beleive I did that. I went to speak. "I..." "You know what (y/n) I'll talk to you later." He said angrily and put his arm around Marie and walked away with her. She glanced over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out at me. I hated this girl so much. I just went to the park to think of what I had done and what was going to happen. He was clearly pissed at me. But he would listen to my side too wouldn't he? After a little bit my phone went off. It was Sehun asking where I was. I sent him a text saying my location and I waited for him to show up. It was only a few minutes until I saw him walk into the park. He quietly sat next to me on the swing. "(y/n) I can't believe you hit her." He started "I...I'm sorry." "You should apologize to her not me. You were out of line." "What?" "She was just trying to get you to come spend time with us." "You aren't going to ask my side?" I asked shocked that he just went off of what Marie said. "Well you did hit her, she didn't do anything." "Oh my god." I started tearing up again. I stood up. "If you don't apologize we can't be friends anymore." A sharp pain went through my chest and my stomach now hurt. Tears started rolling down my face. "Well then, fine I don't want to be your friend anymore. If after 5 years of friendship and you won't hear my side of it, shows where I lie with you, then we really weren't friends at all." I walked away. Once I was sure he couldn't see me and more I took off running to my house. I ran inside and shut the door and fell to the ground crying. I hated Marie so much right now. The next week I ignored him and Marie. Whenever I saw them I would either go a different direction or pretend I didn't see them and act like I was doing something else. He called me a few times and I just 8ignored it. Any texts or voice-mails he left I would just delete them. One day I was in the library when I heard Marie. "I'm so sick of it he always talks about her." Marie said "But they aren't friends anymore." some girl said "I wish she would just leave the school, it'll be easier to be with him without her around." "Does he really not notice how she felt?" the girl asked "Well it's hard to notice now since I forced her to hit me and he saw it. And of course he listened to me because I didn't touch her." She laughed I tried to sneak out but the next thing that was said stopped me. "What did you say to her that made her hit you?" that was a guys voice. " much did you hear?" Marie said "I heard enough. I'm such a horrible friend I should have know there was a reason she hit you. (y/n) never hits people." "She was getting in the way of us." "No she wasn't." "Sehun I'm sorry I was worried she'd take you from me." "She was just my friend." After that I didn't want to hear anymore and snuck out of the library. I walked home listening to my iPod. I went into my place and was trying to stay distracted. After failing several times I went out for a walk. I ended up at my usual park. I laid on the playground and looked up at the night sky. the stars were beautiful. It was nice and relaxing listening to music and staring at the stars could clear anyone's mind. I felt a presence next to me and looked over to see Sehun laying next to me. I sat up and moved as quickly as I could to get away from him. I walked away but didn't make it far. He ran up and grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him to make me look at him. "What the hell do you want!" I screamed. "Can't we talk?" He asked "No we can't." I tried to take my arm away but he kept his grip on me. "I'm sorry. I should have at least heard your side of it." "I don't care anymore. Go be with her like she wanted and stop thinking about me. We were just friends. No need to mess up your relationship because of a friend." "You aren't just a friend" He yelled causing me to freeze for a second. "You're right we are nothing." "(y/n) stop it." "Just let me go and go back to Marie I'm sure she's worried about you." I said finally getting my arm away from him. I was a good distance from him when he yelled my name and I turned towards him. It all happened so fast I didn't know what to do. He grabbed my face and crashed his lips to mine. After a second of just our lips touching he started moving his mouth and without thinking I melted into the kiss. It was better than I had imagined. He pulled away and we were both breathing heavily. "Why did you do that?" I asked "Because I realized what I was feeling after the few weeks of us not talking, and when I heard what Marie said I was angry at myself." "Did you end it?" "Of course, she wasn't happy about it but I don't care. I need you. Please forgive me." He rubbed my cheek with his thumb. "I don't know." I said quietly. "Let me make it up to you." He said moving closer. "How can you make it up to me?" "By showing you everyday how much I love you." He said and kissed me again. I smiled into the kiss. "Fine." I finally said still smiling. He then walked me home and then we went our seperate ways.
Alright those who are left..... Luhan Chen and don't forget to pick what type Smut, Fluff, Angst
It's so beautiful I loved it Sehun is my ultimate bias ❤️❤️ thank you so much plz tag me in all your future cards and fics
chen angst
oohhh @thedopeshow1994 !!!! YASSSSSS!! I'll take angsty smut for Chen!
angsty smut for chen? luhan fluff
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