DoKyun: He’d be very shy and so fixated on looking at your butt that’d he get caught staring.
Jaeho: This precious innocent bunny boy. He’d low-key check it out so you don’t think he’s creepy.
Sihyoung: Tell you straight up that you have a nice tush. No hiding it in. He’ll just flat out say it.
Kyungil: stares when you’re not paying attention. He’d enjoy seeing you wear those pair of shorts or yoga pants.
Yijeong: *spanks it* he knows he owns it and glad to be able to sleep with your beautiful body every night.
I thought I'd do another reaction since I haven't done one in a whileee lol
Hope it came out good~
And here's a sexy gif of Sihyoung becuz he's making me feeling some type of way.
Are you breathing cuz I'm having trouble over here *drinks glass of water*
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This is very inappropriate ..can you please do a vixx one (:
you got me there for a sec till I scrolled down lol I've never done one for vixx I can try but I don't know how good it'll come out.
I'm fanning myself. YiJeong spank my booty 😶
😂😂😂 all I have to say and I'm feeling all emotional once I see my lion (kyungil) because military
yeah it's not real for me either until his day of enlistment happens