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Here is my contest entry for the EXO contest, I guess. Feedback is always appreciated, as I've never tried to write something like this.
It really should be a happy day you think as you gaze out the window at the sunny sky. Besides the beautiful warm weather, you are throwing a small party later that will hopefully help lighten your mood. No matter how you feel, your brightest smile will appear on your face, as you will not ruin this day for your son. The more you think about today, the heavier your heart feels though. You sigh as you can't help thinking about the past and all the events that lead to now.
5 Yrs ago....December
You and Baekhyun were good friends. Well, you were friends with all of the EXO boys, but for some mysterious reason, you and Baek ended up really close. Though to the other boys it looked like all you did was pick-on and tease each other, you and Baek actually spent a fair amount of time discussing your hopes, dreams, and fears. He knew you wanted to go to medical school after college, and you knew his dream of making EXO a household name world wide. The two you quietly supported each other, even when it came to both your choices of significant others.
You're not sure how it even began. Touching and hugging were nothing new, and you did that with all the boys. You even sat on some of the boys' laps, as it really didn't mean anything, just somewhere to sit when all the seats were taken. One day after some teasing and chasing, you and Baek ended up in a kiss, or rather, he gave you a quick peck on the lips. From then on, it became a game to the two of you. You and Baek teased each other with quick kisses or small touches while the other members weren't looking. It was fun and exciting to rile Baek up. You didn't think it could hurt anything; after all, both of you were single. If one of the other EXO members caught the two of you, then the game would just be over.
December 23rd a whole group of your friends were partying, playing games, and staying the night at the EXO dorm as you celebrated an early Christmas. Late that night, as you were laying on a cot in Baek and Channy's room staring at the ceiling and unable to sleep, Baek called you over. You quietly climbed in bed with Baek as Channy softly snored in the bed next to you. You heart pounded uncontrollably, for you were certain Channy would wake up and catch the two of you together. For a while you and Baek just laid there facing each other and talked. His ex was now dating a mutual friend, and Baek was very down about it. What started out as a little peck turned in to a full make out session. Things spun out of control rather quickly, as Baek's hands roamed everywhere. The excitement of both potentially getting caught and seeing Baek in that kind of frenzied state had you turned on as well. Common sense left as your clothes came off, and in between kisses, Baek managed to make sure he was on top. It was really over before it began. By the time Baek pushed in to you, he was already too far gone. One slight movement, and he couldn't stop himself from moaning as he pumped his seed deep in to you. Channy never did wake up, even when you tripped on a shoe on your way back to the cot a few minutes later.
5 yrs ago....January
You and Baek hadn't discussed that night, nor had you even seen each other. You were busy with school, and EXO was busy with promotions for a new album. It wasn't until the vomiting began that you considered the notion that you might be pregnant. Even then you were in denial. When the third test came back positive, you couldn't deny it any longer. It wasn't something you could hide for long, so you made the most difficult call of your life and told Baek. He was back with his ex, and she blamed it all on you. Baek didn't want to see you, while the rest of EXO were in shock. He ran from his responsibility while you grew up. Thank God his band mates didn't agree with his decisions. They stuck by your side throughout your pregnancy, even putting together the crib while you were in the hospital. Suho and Channy picked you and your son up from the hospital and brought you home. Your son looked so small in Channy's big hands. The rest of the guys, minus Baek, waited at the house with more baby items than you could ever use.
You unconsciously smile at the memories of the EXO boys diapering the baby and subsequently getting peed on when they forgot to cover him up, again. Your smile grows as you remember his first birthday party where Chen and Sehun convinced the local station chief to let the firefighters bring a ladder truck to your house. And you can't forget the red and blue frosting that stained Xiumin's face for a week when he tripped, landing face first in the cake on you son's third birthday.
Suddenly you remember Baek and your smile disappears. You don't hate him, though you feel you should for what he has done and not done. You can't hate him though, for he is the father of your son, even though Baek has never once seen him. The feeling of sadness has returned, as it does every year on your son's birthday. It's painful for you, especially today. Your son is growing up without a father. You've distanced yourself farther and farther from the rest of EXO in order to maintain peace in the group. A couple members have already left EXO, and you feel part of it is your fault. Baek has moved on with his life, still working towards his dream while you gave up yours....or rather, your dream died when your life changed 5 years ago. You sigh as tears run down your cheeks. Tomorrow will be better you tell yourself, and one day your dream will begin again.
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This is so good. It needs to be made into a story. 😁
Thanks. I'm really not a writer though...
OML THIS WAS REALLY GOOD! Is this the end??
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Oh. But it was really good! And from a person who usually reads stories this one gripped me. Sorry I'm trying to contain my excitement but this fanfic was really good. 😁
omg that was so touching. I like it and oh it had tears in my eyes. great job!
Thanks. I thought I'd try it, but I'm more of a reader than a writer.
That was... AWESOME!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Thank you.
This is amazing. So many emotions β™‘
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