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Please show your support by visiting the artist site and seeing even more amazing work. Site & Source [http://liricamore.tumblr.com/] Information about the artist: "Hey there! I’m a regular, sleep deprived art student, focusing in commercial illustrations such as products and entertainment arts! I was never properly educated in art before I enter college nor do I have an artist background in my family, it was solely autodidact. Most of my school years were spent on reading comics, browsing deviantart and japanese artist’s sites (this is a really bad example, please don’t follow me OTL) only after I enter college, I begin to appreciate things that I didn’t appreciate and I learn a lot from it. I’m heavily influenced by japanese artists, children storybooks and a bit of art nouveau. There are still a lot of things for me to learn and I try to do it on my own pace to enjoy the process. 2. What inspired you to become an artist? My sister was my first inspiration, then my friends from deviantart and the artists I secretly admire! I began to draw, thinking that I want to be like them one day- but it became more than just wanting to be like someone else, it became a journey to find an identity and a medium to help me communicate with the others. 3. What are the tools you use to draw with? I use wacom graphire 3, Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photosop and Manga Studio EX4. as for traditional works, I’m familiar with airbrushing, watercolors, prismacolor pencils and copic markers, I’m not really good in opaque like acrylics or poster colors though hahaha 4. What is your most favorite subject to draw, And why? I’ve been drawing lots of mindless fanarts lately, but original illustration wise, I love drawing stories with child-like characters because I love to focus on innocence / naivety of things (i love how it could be both beautiful and mortifying at the same time) other than that, I love to draw clothes, organic and vintage elements. 5. Can you share abit of a process in creating your artworks? I experiment a lot with coloring styles, but most of them begins with creating a clean linework (using tablet or just a sketch on the paper), layouting the color scheme I want, painting all over it and use necessary textures to enhance the feel of the drawing 6. Do you have any things you can share to fellow artists? When you are in an art block, remember that nothing you draw is meaningless, a drawing you did on a piece of a napkin, a drawing you throw in a dust bin or a drawing that receives a lot of praise and properly exhibited, all of them, regardless on how ugly or beautiful they are, are equally important for artistic development!"