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KwonOfAKind stop!!! I know you are looking at the Dae Nose!!!!
When these two walk together!!!
I "smell" the Chemistry♡♡♡♡♡
Hyungs "magical" shoulder touch
FanCam...this is blurry... please zoom in
Be professional!!!steady.....steady..... be calm ....while you film TOP's Booty!!!!!! do it for all the VIP TOP girls here!!!! we need close up details!!!♡♡♡♡too bad you miss Dae Booty...or it will be Perfect!!!
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I didn't look at his nose!!!.... I might have peaked at the booty though 😈😈
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High Five for the BOOTY LOVERS!!!! and we all know who is watching!!! #KwonniePride-lessForever
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