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Alrighty here is another collaboration story with @SweetDuella and this time I am starting it. This story is going to be just as fun as our Kookie Monster story. Now the characters are named Belle (like Belle from beauty and the beast...yes Sarah's alter ego lol) And Eliza (Yes Jenni's alter ego) so parts of ourselves will be thrown into this story just like Kookie Monster. The story has awkward situations that people walk in on. What could the reactions be of the people who walk in on to the people who are in the awkward situation. How does it really look when they think its not so bad. I hope you all enjoy this new collaboration story.
"Ok just one more time." Belle said to herself as she went through the choreography again. She felt she was slacking out of all the other dancers so she continued to practice the dance. She finally turned off the music and gathered her things. She flicked the lights off and excited the practice room. Everyone else had been gone an hour, they all went out to eat with the group. Belle was walking down the hall heading towards the door to leave the building. She thought about calling her friend Eliza to see if she was around the building still. She stopped to pull her phone out of her purse. She was digging in her purse but she was having issues with finding it. He had felt bad that One of their dancers didn't join them to eat. So he had made sure to eat fast to get back to give her food. He was excited to see her reaction to him bringing her food. Most girls would love it if he brought them food. He turned the corner and saw her down the hall. She must have just finished practicing. If he would have waited any longer he would have missed her. she had stopped and was digging in her purse for something which gave him time to get close enough to call her name. He smiled and looked down at the food in his hand. He looked up again just to see a woman walk around a corner and she quietly made her way towards Belle. She had something in her hand. As she got closer she moved her hands. He froze in his spot. Was this like a movie with a killer. It reminded him of when people would get strangled in those horror movies. Belle didn't even know what was happening. He finally started to move and head towards the 2. The woman was right there and she put the rope arounf Belle. "Oh my god Eliza what are you doing." Belle screamed. She was shocked. she hadn't heard any footsteps. Maybe she was lost in trying to find her phone. She looked at what was around her neck. "I'm just measuring you." Eliza said with a laugh "Seriously?" "How else am I suppose to get your measurements when you avoid it at all costs." Eliza said "Why do you want my measurments." Belle asked as Eliza continued to measure Belle and write down the numbers. "We acre going to a party and I'm making us dresses." "Oh the beauty of a stylist as my friend." Belle laughed "I'm the best I do hair and clothing." "Yea all you need is make up." "Nah I leave that to the other girls." She laughed and finally put the tape measure away. Belle looked behind Eliza and saw Jin. She smiled and waved at him, Eliza turned around. "Oh hello Jin." Eliza said "Hi. I thought you were trying to kill Belle." He said "Oh geez is that what it looked like?" Eliza said laughing "Well I could see it. You were really quiet." Belle said pushing her friend in the arm. "Watch out." Eliza laughed jumping at Belle. "Yah!" Belle turned to Jin. "What's that?" She pointed towards the bag he was holding. "Oh I brought you food, since you were working so hard." he said holding the bag out towards her. she smiled and grabbed it. "Aww thank you Jin." She was really happy he had thought of her. "Well what about me?" Eliza whined "I'm sorry I didn't know you were here other wise I would have brought you some too." "Eliza don't do that, you just came after eating. " Belle said "How'd you know?" "I'm not stupid I know your eating schedule. " "That's just creepy." Eliza said in a serious tone which after a second both girls started laughing. "Alright let's go, I want to eat this yummy food. Again thanks Jin I will enjoy this." Belle said turning to walk towards the doors. "Bye Belle, I'll see you at dance practice tomorrow." Jin said with a wave and Belle waved back.
Enjoy some new BTS pictures from the vapp this morning.
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oh that was awesome! had me laughing so hard. so I swear we had similar thoughts cause I did a bit of killer scenarios in kooki monster part 61. oh I am so excited for this story! hmm wonder what trouble belle and Eliza will be getting into next!
ha great minds think alike
Tag me
Tag me please
I enjoy reading your writing, please tag me!
I love that picture of J-Hope, he's so cute as a flower. I don't think I've ever done this before but....could you untag me? It's probably a really great story but I have so many other fanfics to catch up on and I have no free cause my homework is like the size of a vacation packet and...yeah, I have no time, I'm sorry. Maybe later on, if it doesn't get too busy, I'd like to be tagged back on but not now. Thankies
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ok I'll try to remember I believe we just combined our tags for both stories.