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Hi everyone! This is Stephanie here from the BTOB mod team! I was super busy yesterday so I couldn't complete the first day... but here I go! lol.
So... to be honest. I don't have a bias in BTOB. I just can't seem to pick a bias because all of them are so


But I will give you some reasons why they are one of my top bias groups! 1) They have MAD talent. They just have SUPERIOR talent in just one group. (*^^*)♡ 2) They are such DORKS. (≧▽≦) 3) They are all just geniunely amazing people. (o´▽`o)


Since I don't have a bias in the group, let's look at a few of my personal favorites for each member! :D

And that is it for the first 2 days of bias week!!

I hope you all choose to participate as well!

If you would like to become a member of the BTOB community, please let us know >>HERE<<


I love Changsub. He's such a dork.

Rephrase that: A GIANT DORK.

Best airport fashion.... EVER. (o^▽^o)

I think I'm finally getting to know the members just looking at their photo image or video. Yay! 🎉
I'M SO HAPPY YOU INCLUDED THAT BONUS OF CHANGSUB. If no one else did, I was going to have to include it in mine. I have to say ( and this might sound weird, but..) that I love Eunkwang in pants. I usually find that I love the pants her wears in stage performances and MVs. Don't know what but he's always wearing pants I really like. Here, he looks so good in those pants. I don't know if they are just really well fitted to him or if he simply was born with amazing pants legs... okay, that sounds super strange. Oh well. I also really like the red hoodie look on Peniel. That color makes him pop. He should wear red more often.
OMG! I LOVE EUNKWANG IN PANTS TOO. Don't worry Helixx. You aren't alone in this. 😅😂
It was his game and it was sooo funny when Changsub lost. I don't really have a bias either....I can't choose between them.