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alright! so somehow I ended up having a lot of activities for the weekend. I'm not sure how that happened lol. I was piecing it all together tonight so hopefully it flows if not I'm sorry it's choppy
" What kind of show is this?" Kooki asked as they took their seats. They were in a theater and since it was an afternoon show there wasn't as many people, not to say there wasn't a good turn out but that it allowed us to buy 7 extra tickets at the front desk upon coming before the show. "Its a cooking show. From what I read they entangle  music with four chefs who have to make a wedding Banquet in an hour" sarah said "So we aren't watching them make food?" J hope questioned "We don't get to sample food?" Jin asked. "Do we get to see real food? Yoongi asked. "Yes, no and no" sarah answered all three questions making jenni laugh. "This is not what I signed up for" Jin said  "Hey its starting " jenni said trying to get comfortable but ì seats were so small and stiff. Namjoon lifted up the arm rest and pulled her against his side so she could get more comfortable "These things move?" Kooki questioned seeing what Namjoon did. He quickly lifted it and then moved sarah closer to his side. "I feel left out of this" Tae said lifting his arm rest and snuggled next to kooki's other side. Jenni and sarah turned to see what he did. Jenni laughed as sarah glared at him. "You may be my best friend tae but I will hurt you if you don't let go of my boyfriend" sarah warned him. Tae looked at her then at Kooki and let go. He pouted for a moment before moving over to be closer to Jin who just took it.  The curtain rose at that time and there was a hush over the crowd as it started. It was far from what we expected. But in a good way. Ten minutes into the show kooki was moving his head to the beats the guys on stage were making and taping his fingers against his leg and Sarah's shoulder since he had it wrapped around her. There was a radiating smile on his face, he was enjoying this. Sarah was fine with the tapping on her shoulder and the low hum that kooki was doing unintentionally. The show was okay and thankfully there was no dialogue they needed to follow on. Jenni stared intently at the stage the beating was driving her nuts but she didn't want to show it, especially since namjoon seemed to enjoy the show. When she did take her eyes away from the stage she would look at Namjoon or the other guys to see that they were smiling and tapping there fingers or foot to the beats that were created. Yoongi had at some point pulled out a notebook and was writing. That boy would write where ever he felt inspired. Namjoon would sneak glances at Jenni and saw that she wasn't really enjoying herself, he could tell with how still she was, not moving around or figeting.  It was unusual to see her like that and he wasn't sure if he did something to make her upset or if she genuinely did not like the show.  When intermission came Jenni stood up and looked over at sarah. "Want to go to the bathroom?" She asked. "Yes" sarah said jumping up. "Okay, well be back in a bit " jenni said. She patted namjoons head as she passed him and then the girls made there way to the bathrooms. "How are you liking the show?" Sarah asked as they washed their hands. "Okay, the beating isn't improving the headache I have. And cramps are on the last day" jenni shrugged. "That suck.  I got the cramps going on too but the headache not so much. Kooki humming in my ear is kind of soothing with the beats in the background" sarah said "Lucky. It's halfway done" jenni said "Im enjoying it. " Sarah stated. They were walking back to their seats when they saw that tae had taken sarah seat and was playing with Kooki. "What are you two doing?" Sarah asked "Patty cake patty cake bakers square, bake me a cake as fast as you can" they were singing an old rhyme "Sarah and Jenni stood there and watched as they continued clapping hands until they messed up. When they did the intermission was just about done and they were setting up the stage for the next scene. "It looks like they are doing volenteers" sarah said after a couple minutes into it starting again. The actors had come off stage and walking down the isles. "Oh I want too " Tae said standing up. J hope stood up as well and they made their way to the aisle.  They hadn't been chosen but the picked themselves  "We need a female and a male" the actor told the two of them at the end of there aisle. "I'll play the boy" Tae said. "I can be a female" J hope said in a high Octave pretending to be feminine. With that they walked up to the stage. "Can I have a wig?" J hope asked. "Um, no here's a hat" the actors started dressing them letting it go. They put bibs on them and hats and then handed them bowls of liquid.  Not knowing what to do tae drank the context down making the actors gasp and shake there fingers at him. He sheepishly put it down and then the actors went back on script.  Jenni and sarah were laughing at the scene. The guys seemed like they wanted to laugh but were holding it in.  When the skit was over they brought the boys back to their seats and they all finished watching the rest of the show. When it was over they went out for food, Jin said if they were watching something related to food it made him even more hungry. So they found themselves at a ramen shop eating ramen. "I swear all we eat with you guys is ramen or BBQ " jenni commented "Two basic food groups. noodles and meat " Kooki said "Um okay you mean carbs and meat? " Sarah asked "Yea those" he grinned "So how did you like the show?" He asked her. "It was fun. I loved that plate throwing scene,  that came out of no where " sarah laughed At that comment everyone started to say what part they liked about it. When they were done eating they took a couple taxis back to their destination.  Kooki and Sarah took their own taxi back to her apartment,  Jenni and Namjoon did the same and the other boys took a taxi back to their dorm. Jenni was feeling much better after the ramen. Her cramps had eased and the headache were gone. "Did you like the show? " Namjoon asked her. "Hmm, yea it was fun" jenni said.  "Did you?" "It didn't look like you were enjoying it" he grumbled making her scrunch her face up. " I did though. I just had cramps so wasn't feeling so good" jenni pointed out "Still on it?" He raised a brow.b "Hmm, last day. It's just as bad as the first day" she said. "Anyway I don't want to talk about that. Soo,  you have a birthday coming up!" Jenni changed the subject. "Yea but I don't want to do anything for it" he said. "What! No we are totally doing something!" Jenni sat up straight and looked at him. "Panda, I don't want to do anything.  I'd rather it was just you and me in a -" "Padded room?" Jenni questioned finishing his sentence and it made him chuckle.  "In a dark room" he finished his sentence. "Hmm, to bad that's not what's going to happen.  So tell me what's next? The guys want to do something for you, they want it to be a surprise but well I'm not sure if you like suprises" she said shocked at realizing that as she spoke. "Im okay with suprises" he gave her a quizzical look. "Are you?" He asked. "Not really but that's cause I get startled easily" jenni shrugged at that question. "What do you want to do for your birthday?" She asked again. "You really want to know" his eyes looked her up and down. "Besides that. something the others can join in on and no that is not me saying bring them into the bedroom with us. As much as it may be a fantasy I don't want it to come true" jenni said making him chuckle. "Panda I'm not good at sharing, don't bet that to ever happen " he stated. "Good to know.  I'm not either." She smiled at him. They arrived at her apartment building and they got out.  "What about the aquarium! Oh planetarium!" Jenni threw out ideas. Ones that he may be interested in. "How about the zoo?" He asked making her scrunch up her face. "Oh I like that idea!" Jenni said They stepped into the elevator and he wrapped his arms around her waist as she stood in front of him looking up the times for the zoo. "Oh" there was a noise that made jenni look up to see the same lady who had scolded them before. "Hi Ms. Park" jenni smiled. She gave them an odd look. "You two are behaving yourselves in here? No hanky Panky? She asked. Crossing her arms over her chest. "No Ms. Park. I'm looking up times for the zoo " jenni smiled at her.  "Okay but if you two start at it I will scream" she warned which made namjoon chuckle.  Jenni elbowed his stomach to make him stop. "We won't,  come in, are you going up? Jenni asked.  "Yes dear" she finally got in. "Were you visiting a friend?" Jenni asked "Yes I was, she lives two stories below me. Wanted independence to be with her husband.  We used to live together, known each other for 30 years. Known each other Longer then either of our husband's" she chuckled. "Thats amazing! Oh gosh I hope me and my bestie sarah become like you two! And that you still see each other " jenni said "Every day we visit with each other" she said as the elevator dinged and it was Jenni's floor. "Well it was nice seeing you Ms. Park" jenni said. "Yes, tell sarah hello for me, I'll bring you girls cookies some time" she said before the elevator closed. She seemed like a sweet lady. Jenni and Namjoon went into the apartment to see Sarah and Kooki already inside sitting on the couch watching TV. "So glad we aren't interupting.  Ms. Park says hi and thanks us for not scaring her" jenni added just to show her they weren't doing anything when she walked in. "Thats nice" sarah said "tv" she said. "What's on?" Jenni asked "You got me hooked on the finder so now I have to finish the last two episodes" sarah  said. "Ah okay" jenni nodded. "Oh but I wanted to tell you, so we're going to the zoo on Monday  but we have work and can't go during the day" jenni  explained "Then we go at night. Hmm that would be different and fun" she said "Wait I thought you wanted to do the planetarium for namjoons birthday ?" Sarah asked "I did. I thought he would like it" jenni whined plopping down on the floor acting like a child. The three of them looked at Jenni and all started laughing. "Panda" sarah said. "Tiger!" Jenni said. It made the boys laugh. "Your confusing me. Which is it were doing?" Sarah asked. "I don't know!" Jenni burst out. Namjoon finally sat down next to her, still chuckling. "The zoo.  It should be better to do at night anyway" He told her. The four of them discussed plan a little more before they started the show that sarah was desperate to start watching again.
Sunday night jenni and sarah spent the night at the Dorm.  Since sarah and Kooki were sleeping together on the bottom bunk jenni and Namjoon were together on the top bunk.  They weren't sleeping though, just laying there together. It was because of that reason they heard the door open and saw the lights turn on. "Rise and shine!" Jin was standing there with a grin on his face.  He was the one to urge everyone out of the room and into the kitchen. It was dark aside from candles lit on a birthday cake, the guys surround Namjoon. "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you" they all sang. Namjoon was overwhelmed with emotion feeling touched by all the members of the group. They had a cake for him that was in the shape of a bear head. It was so cute. They all stayed up and talked as they at cake. Jenni and sarah stayed until they had to do their morning show. When they left sarah told Namjoon that he should put the radio on and listen. It gave him a hint.  "What are you wanting to do?" Jenni questioned as they walked out. "Wish namjoon a happy birthday on air" sarah said "Oh like how you did with Kooki? " Jenni questioned "Yes, except this time you probably should slip and say I love you to him on air. They started their show easing in with music for once.  "Hello early morning!" Jenni said "Hello world! How you people do out there?" Sarah said.  "I think people do just great!" Jenni said "So I think today is a special day! " "It is isn't it?" Sarah was giggling. "Oh hey people's were here live on air with Diamond and Ruby! And we want to start out hoping certain people are listening, I hope you all know know  today is none other than bts Namjoons birthday!  " Jenni said and they both cheered "I want to give you a panda but your so far,  I just can't " jenni pouted "Thats Ruby showing her love for him. You know I got to say I think bts is one of the groups who came in before we started handing animals out. I feel bad namjoon doesn't get a panda and kooki I can't give you a tiger " sarah laughed "Omo your right  they had come in before that oh but we gave them at the kcon in LA  that should mean, omg if my ultimate bias can just hug the panda I gave him I would be so extatic. Oh how I'm wishing you a happy birthday and hoping your listening!" Jenni squealed "Ruby I forgot we gave them arouns then" sarah laughed but gave jenni a quizzical look making Jenni shrug and mouth 'I don't know' to her. "Oh I can't believe we forgot " sarah said and went down memory lane of when we went to kcon a month or so ago. they transitioned from that to talking about new music that just recently came out. it was a boring show and once they were done both girls decided sleep was needed. they were running on low so instead of hanging out with the guys they went home and slept until the afternoon show.
In the afternoon sarah and Jenni left their place and went in early. After watching a bunch of shows they were in a heated discussion. "Jenni I think we need to save some of this for the show" sarah said. "But I'm not sure if it's going to stay oh it will" jenni laughed.  They got into the studio and went on air. They made short introduction before sarah started a brief on their conversation.  "Alright, so we were having this discussion on our way here and I had to stop Ruby for a breather but she wants to start it again. So in short we've been talking what would happen if we got in these crazy killer scenarios. Ruby, says she refuses to go along with the ploy" sarah laughed as she explained. "Oh come on, okay one scenario if you get captured and then some guys take you out into the woods and tell you to run so you can be hunted down for fun, what am I supposed to say. Oh yes let me run around like crazy in hopes that you won't shoot me" Jenni faked her response as a helpless damsel "No nope not for me. I'd stare at them and then the forest and be like you expect me to run, get myself lost probably hurt myself and still wind up dead either from my stupid self or by you.  No thanks let's save time and just shoot me now" jenni said "Sassy wench. That means they get no fun out of it. They take you out for a chase-" sarah scoffed "Yea and I'm not giving into it. I would be that girl that stands there and ruins there fun because I'm looking at the end game going I'm dead either way" jenni cut her off. "See I'd run, I'd go up into a tree and hang out there " sarah said making Jenni laugh. "Okay and the other scenario we were talking about is the traditional someone gets into your house. Would you stay or leave?" Jenni said "Ruby here would say she has no weapons in the house and so couldn't defend herself" sarah pointed out. "Well I may have a knife in the house. But see I would probably stay. Maybe give them a scare" jenni said. "I'd stay. If they got too close to my hideout I'd just burst out freak them out and bash them over the head with shoes" sarah answered "Shoes?" Jenni asked "Yes! I have alot and you know heels are dangerous! They can be a weapon!" Sarah pointed out. "Very true they are pointh" jenni laughed "Oh did I tell you, no I didn't. Well I was remembering this old story as we went through these scenerio and I just found it funny.  So this girl is at a bus stop and a guy comes up to stand by her. She can tell that he's getting closer and about to grab her purse so she drops to the ground and acts like she's having a seizure. The guy who tried to rob her ends up apologizing and questioning if she's okay" jenni told the story. "Thats seems like a smart thing,  it distracts him from what he wanted to do and looses his oppritunity. You know sometimes crazy ends up saving you " sarah nodded. "Well I thought oh so I just have to act crazy and I'm safe" jenni smiled and sarah laughed "Ruby, you don't even have to act" sarah burst out laughing along with Jenni.  "Oh I needed that laugh. Gosh Ruby how do we end up turning these dangerous things into something to laugh aoh we bout?" Sarah questioned "Because Diamond we laugh in the face of danger" jenni laughed "or if you want to get in depth, in our minds we don't know how to be afraid " jenni pointed out "We have crazy minds that's why" sarah said. "Thats a good reason. Oh people should be afraid" jenni laughed "Okay now in all serious if anyone ever get a in a situation like these, you best bet is to completely ignore our ideas and get to safety and call the police " sarah got serious "Awe way to ruin the fun " jenni said "Lets play a couple cheerful songs so that we can be happy goofy!" Sarah said bubbly. She turned music on. "So are we finally done on this? " sarah asked. "We should be. Maybe we'll talk about something happy, oh we have to still talk about our activity over the weekend!" Jenni said. "Forgot about that  okay let's do it " sarah said.  So for the rest of the show they talked about the show took callers who commented on the Cooking show. A lot of people had questions about it or comments about it since they saw it.  A couple peoplw mentioned how bts members were in the audience over the weekend and there was inquiries if the girls saw them. Sarah just said she had mentioned it to them and if they went they had gone on their own.  She was trying to be very subtle about it. When the show was over they went right from work to the dorm to see the guys and get ready to go to the zoo with them.
"Joonie baby" jenni said drawing his attention away from the group. most of them were sitting on the couches and just hanging around. "Yea? What's up?" He asked. "I have a present for you " jenni grinned.  "Its nothing big but when I saw it I thought of you " she said as she pulled out a small rectangular box from behind her back. He looked at her and grinned. "What could this be?" He questioned as she came closer to him.  He moved her so she was seated on his lap and took the box from her. He opened it up and revealed a ball point pen. He picked it up and looked at. "This is a nice pen" he smiled at her but it made her laugh. "Its not just a pen Joonie." She said "it's a recording pen. So if you have an idea or thought that you can't write fast enough you can record it." She explained. "Oh thats cool. This will come in handy when I'm working"  he grinned at her. "Thanks Panda!" "Alright is everyone ready? The van is outside to take us to the zoo " Jin called out from the front door. "Zoo " the guys cheered. "They are more excited then I am about going" Namjoon chuckled "Shouldn't you be excited? Sarah told me that Suga had them stay open after hours for us all to come. I hadn't even realized that" jenni said as they got up and started following the guys out the door. "Sounds like Yoongi.  He's bringing his camera with him too" he said. "Come on into the van with you." Jin said seeing them approach slowly. When they got to the zoo they waited as Sarah and Jenni looked at a map of the place to see where everything was at. "Oh look at that, there is a tiger route. Omg let's go on the tiger route!" Sarah exclaimed excitedly "Tiger! That's what you see right away? " Kooki chucked looking over her shoulder at the map. "Yes! And see there's no panda route! Even the zoo is on my side" sarah laughed "Its only because they are prejudice against panda's,  they don't even have them here" jenni pouted making sarah laugh even more. "Jen jen they don't have panda’s here" sarah told her.  "Hmm  I guess it's okay, I didn't expect it" Jenni said. "Lets go on the tram first and see where everything is at then walk around" sarah said. "That will work" jenni nodded.  After the first ten minutes of listening to the girl talk about the animals and how much they weigh and explaining about them the guys started to have little debates and making remarks. "Wow the rhino weighs 2300 pounds. I wouldn't want that thing tipping over on me" jenni remarked. "Its like a building falling on you" sarah said. "I wonder how much other animals weigh" jenni said "Tiger" sarah said. "Or a panda" jenni said. "Girraff" namjoon said. "Elephant" Kooki said. "I bet the dolphin is the lightest " jenni stated. "No, see I think they would be like 500 or 600 pounds" sarah said. "Im thinking like 300 400 pounds " jenni shot back. "Why don't we just look it up" Kooki offered. "Or just ask the guide she probably knows" namjoon pointed out and then started calling her over.  She had to hear our question and guesses and then radio in to see how much one weighed. The girl said 35 pounds. it sounded so unbelievable, none of them thought that was right . "That really doesn't sound right" namjoon said grabbing his phone. "No it says the smallest is 90 pound but can get up to 350 pounds. Some can be between 400 to 1400 pounds" Kooki was faster at looking it up "Ha I was closer to the first one" jenni laughed "I was in the middle there" sarah said "A killer whale can be 8 thousand pounds" Kooki added. "Thats bigger then the rhino" Jenni said.  They talked a little bit more about how much animals weighed as they waited for the tram to start moving again. By the third stop the rest of the guys were wanting off and being goofy and pointing to animals saying they wanted to see them. So they decided the next stop they would get off.  "Sarah you lied to me! In the petting area they have a red panda! I want to stop and go there!" Jenni said seeing the sign as they past it on the tram. "But it's not the right kind of panda jenni " sarah laughed "Its a panda!" Jenni whined. "Alright panda  we'll go see the red panda" namjoon said. "Thank you Joonie! " She said and kissed his cheek making him chuckle, "So easy to please you" he said. They got off at the next stop and Jimin, tae, J hope went running around. They saw a sign that had cut out faces and went to go play with it. The rest of them went to the petting area where there was the panda, lamas,  and goats to feed. The others joined them shortly after and went to go feed The goats. Jenni, sarah, Kooki and Namjoon went to see the red panda. They took pictures and then jenni wanted to hold it. It looked so cute laying in the tree sleeping. "Awe it reminds me of yoongi" sarah laughed "It does!" The guys agreed. "I want to hold it. I'm sad we can't actually touch them, only the goats" jenni said. "Its okay panda I'll get you a stuffed animal one later " namjoon said to her. "Okay, then I'm gonna hold it and cuddle it and play with it" jenni giggled "Hmm maybe I won't and you'll do that to me" he commented making her laugh. "I'll still do that " jenni chuckled "but I want a fox too so I can name it Joonie, after you" jenni grinned "You two cut it out" Sarah said coming in between them. "Come on  lets go see the big kitty's!  I want to see tigers and lions" sarah said "I want to see the bears " Kooki said. "Okay well why don’t we go in that direction.  I think we passef it on the tram" namjoon said. So they set out to go see the animals everyone wanted to see. They saw giraffe, lions, tigers, pachyderms,  dolphins, wolves, spotted dogs,  and zebras among some of them. At the end was when they went into a gift shop to make purchases. "Panda look I found you!" Sarah called out holding a big panda. "I found tiger" jenni called out lifting the big one. "Omg sarah did you see the big tiger outside!" Jenni asked. "I did! Me and Kooki took pictures and climbed it earlier" sarah said. "Panda! I found you and Joonie baby!" Jimin called out. "What?" Both girls said looking over at him. He was holding a red panda plushie.  ""It looks like a baby fox and a baby panda mixed together!" Jimin said holding it out for them to see. "Baby!" Jenni exclaimed grabbing it and hugging it. "Jenni want" "Does that mean Joonie is a fox?" Sarah questioned "Yup, cause he looks and acts like a fox" Jimin stated. "It want this and a fox plushie!" Jenni said. "It want to get a tiger an orange and a white one" Sarah said. Both girls went on a search.  The boys ended up buying the stuffed animals for them . They all left the zoo after four hours. They were exhausted and when they went into the dorm and fought for who got the couch to fall on.
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That red panda is the cutest thing I've ever seen
omo v shoukd be a hedgehog....Cuz they are cute but look dangerous but they really arent
omo that zoo has reindeer???? that's it next time I'm in chicago we need to go see the reindeer lol....hmmm now what am I to do???? I know I get Tuesday and Wednesday and I'm all excited for weds.
I want to go to the zoo now....but the one here isn't that good. I need to figure out when I can get back north, so I can go hang out at the Detroit Zoo again. So Namjoon is a fox....Jimin is a puppy dog.....Yoongi is a sloth or red panda....then what is V?
lol Lol zoo's are so much fun. Hmm V is an alien! lol jk no I don't think we have given him an animal yet. it will happen! sooner or later his spirit animal will emerge