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honestly...this movie got me in tears. this is the kind of movie where you have to think about when in panic that if you're willing to sacrifice yourself for others or you'll be selfish and sacrifice others for yourself. It's A Beautiful film and I would pick the zombie movie or any other any day. the main character is Seok-woo ( Yong Soo) and he is a father on a train trying to take his daughter to Busan but then there is a sort of infection that goes around turning people into zombies. they have to try to survive. I'm not going to tell you anymore because I really don't want to spoil much but I'll just let you know that be ready to have a tissue box near you. and have to go to funny drama that will help you with this heartbreak that you'll have. Good Luck.....
thank you so much!
I cried so much at the end
where can i watch it. i cant find it anywhere. i really want to see it
I totally agree, I went to watch it with my mom and I just couldn't help but cry ;-;