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Do you guys have any suggestions on romance Anime? something like its all happy stuff for like a few episodes then it gets hella dark? & kinda has you in your feels I'm trying to help a friend find some anime to watch lol
Here's a list of all my favorites: Air Gear Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Blue Seed Elfen Lied Full Metal Panic! Genshiken (very underrated) Kanon Kaze No Stigma (RIP creator) Lucky Star The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi Pani Poni Dash Rocket Girls (Short but underrated) Saki Samurai Champloo School Rumble Special A Spice and Wolf Strike Witches Suzuka Utawarerumono (another underrated masterpiece)
thank you!! I'll be sure to check out the underrated ones lol
This is my specialty. I recommed: Say, I Love You Kaichou wa maid-sama Special A Ao Haru Ride Itazura Na kiss Kamisama Kiss Ookami Shoujo to kuro Ouji Akagami No Shirayukihime My Little Monster There are more but here is a few and I also recommend my favorite anime Inuyasha which is also a romance/shonen/comedy anime. It's a classic anime and it's really cute!
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Ao Haru Ride is my favorite manga and the anime is good too. Yay, I hope you enjoy the other ones!
Seven deadly sins Black butler Kampfer Golden time High school of the dead Angel beats
Golden Time👌🏼
thank you
@Zyxzj have ur friend check out shuffle. if u can get past the heavy fanservice it is a good romance with a couple of really dark parts.
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np. Im not really into the fanservice category but the story and art r excellent, but a couple of the characters have bad voice actors if its watched as dubbed.
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