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Miraculous Week?
So I was thinking about having an MLB week? Like a fluff week (This is a first for me so be a little nice) . Like, one day puns, next anime crush, etc... So do you all think it's a good idea? If you think it is can you comment ideas about what to do? Because I really want to do something MLB! So if you all think it's a good plan please help out! Thank you!



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um yes!!!! this is a great idea!!!!!!
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thank you so much!!! glad I could help!!!
a year ago
My friend started watching this ....maybe I should too
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You should! Join our fandom! 😂😆👍
a year ago
Yay we should totally do that!!😍💙Hmmmm. Well I've been seeing a lot of fanart of "Their Big Reveal," why not have a day where we show our favorite...or maybe even draw our own? 😅😊
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Wow that's awesome 😱😱😂😂
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