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Its been a while since I had the time to update this and I'm REALLY REALLY SORRY!! I got carried away with so much and today I finally had the chance to finish this post. Here it is I hope you like it and as always thank you @Choijiah. Seven Nine
The ballroom was just as great as last night...when Tae left just as fast as she went in. Again lovely food was waiting and everyone dressed to impress. Long and short colorful dresses swayed on the dance floor as the smell of food and alcohol filled the air. It was a good thing they all showered..hopefully. Tae stood in the doorway as Hina entered ahead of her taking in the scene. Hina turned and smiled at Tae. "You already talked to the others so this won't be too bad," she encouraged and held out her hand for Tae to take it. Hyunseung was the first person she confided in before she pushed him away. He would still have a few qualities that he displayed in high school. Shouldn't he? Tae smiled feeling a bit less heavier in her heart as she took her friends hand. "let's do this," she whispered to herself before taking her first step inside. Sauntering passed the buffet Tae Chan and Hina spotted their group. Everyone was there looking dapper and clean. It seemed that fashion was allot more put together now that they had aged. The males were handsome with matching blazers and pants. Each had their own finely combed hairstyles. As always Dongwoon didn't need to do much to make Tae's heart flutter but he really looked amazing tonight....errrr that is not the main focus!!! Tae's eyes zoomed over to Hyunseung who was sipping on a glass and standing next to Gikwang. The female let her body relax for a moment then started towards the two. Music danced in the background as Tae focused on Hyunseung. As she got closer Gikwang noticed her and smiled. "hey Tae Chan." he waved lightly and looked at Hyunseung who turned to see the female. Tae smiled keeping her chin high and attempting to appear confident. "hey guys. Do they have the same food as last night? I ate a bit more then what I wanted last dinner," she placed a hand on her stomach as if she felt ill. Gikwang smiled knowing her love of food was not gone. She still wanted to eat everything in sight. " they have new items at the buffet. I already checked Tae," he reached out a hand and patted her tummy with a chuckle. Tae laughed and hyunseung smirked. "you guys are still like kids," Hyunseung rolled his eyes and took a drink. "if we stayed stiff and acted like boring pencil pushers then we would have nothing to talk about," the female replied. "Come Hyunseung, you know you missed this," she pouted. Hyunseung turned away and glanced at Tae a few times. The more she pouted and gave him a puppy dawg face the harder it was to keep a straight face. After a few seconds Hyunseung smiled shyly which made Gikwang laugh. "fine fine," Hyunseung gave up. "ahhhh this is just like that time Tae wanted to go to the beach but Hyunseung objected," "I remember that. We dragged him there and once we finally got in the water a huge wave came and swept us away........" Tae Chan started to smile then she frowned. "I hated beaches after that day," her mind swirled about as she recited the events of that day. They had run into Dujun that day walking on the sand with his girlfriend....that was when she had a huge crush on him but never even told him. It was a good thing though. He was happy and gikwang and Hyunseung had comforted Tae after she saw that. REALITY!!!!! "ahhh but I still had fun with you guys," she smiled. "your such a crybaby Tae. GikWang even helped you get over all that," Hyunseung stated. "remember you guys where supposed to be studying that next weekend and instead you snuck out the window at his house to go play arcade games. Your mom called Gikwangs house to speak with you so you guys got busted," Gikwang and Tae Chan laughed. " my mom almost killed me...wait weren't we in 9th grade?" After lightening things up with Hyunseung Tae Chan felt it was time to talk to him. She pulled him outside to have that much needed conversation she was dreading all this time. " have you been?" Tae inquired as she glanced about the night sky. "fine," "listen, I'm sorry for not contacting you all these years..........I was scared that you hated me," her hazel orbs looked up at him. "it's understandable. We stopped talking on bad terms." he stuck his hands in his pant pockets. "that's true but right now I want to fix our problem," Tae clasped her fingers together and bit her lower lip as her orbs glanced about. " when.." her eyes moved back up to Hyunseungs face. "when I was having a hard time I didn't ask for help and instead I pushed you away and for that I'm sorry," The male before her seemed confused. "what happened? You would tell me everything. Did Dongwoon hurt you?" "no no," she stopped him and closed her eyes. "I hurt him like I hurt see Hatori showed up....and he didn't stop bothering me," At that Hyunseung lifted his hands in the air along with his chin. "really Tae Chan? REALLY?" his voice sounded annoyed and as soon as he settled down he looked at her a bit unhappy. "Yes. I know I was young but as soon as he threatened you and Dongwoon I felt trapped. I don't know I let my fear take over so I hung out with him those last weeks of school." 'hung out' was a light way of saying she let him influence her and pressure her into stupid things. "what does 'hang out' mean?" Hyunseung tilted his chin down burning holes into Teas skin with his eyes. She felt the heat as his glare intensified. "I did bad things that could have gotten me a record before graduation," she shut her eyes hoping he would soften. "you did what? Does your dad know about that? How could you have such a pea size brain and let him do that? Was he threatening to kill us? Did he carve our names into his leg? Why in the world would you let that idiot even influence you?" the angry male reached out a hand to Tae and retracted it quickly. "I mean come on!!!" "I've yelled at myself already and I heard it from Junhyung and Gikwang....Hatori was craftier then he looked.....he got a hold of information that you took forever to even tell me and he was going to spread it anywhere he could...he even said he would have Dongwoon beaten if e couldn't find anything on him...he pretty much wanted to hurt both of you in any way he could think of if I didn't help," Tae's vision got blurry now as she felt tears form. "I know I was wrong and you guys could have hhelped me but at that moment I was in fear. I...I couldn't help but feel like he was going to destroy my relationships with you guys.....but in the end I was the one who did it on my own.....the stupid little teen who couldn't think straight at that time," she pressed a finger on the side of her eye as if to hold her tears in. As tears rolled over Tae Chan's finger Hyunseung moved grasping her hand and pulling it away from her face. "look," he tilted her chin up to face him. "if I wasn't fine with you being an idiot I wouldn't have been your friend in the first place," "thanks allot," the female half chucked as she sniffles. After a moment she stopped crying and ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm telling you this now because he isn't around anymore and it's been eating at me since then so I'm sorry," for a moment everything was still. Hyunseung said nothing as he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. He had the choice of starting over with his friend and forgiving her for past mistakes or he could harbor resentment that was ten years late and let it burn until he was old. Either way......Tae could tell that by his gesture when she cried that he was most likely going to forgive her. "well now that it's cleared are you going to make up for all these years?" Tae was caught off guard at his question. Her eyes searched his for an answer. "well I could spend more time in Korea and show you how mature I am at handling problems? "