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fellow vinglers n k-poppers ... lets get to know each other

Choose one or as many as you want to share n answer in the comment section :) I'll get us started : 1.Gu Family book 8. Cola kiss ~ Lie to me 19. Goong ~ Original Cast 20. Friend, Our Legend ~ Hyun Bin 30. Queen's In Hyun's Man
1) Secret Garden 2) I hear your Voice 3) Lee Min Ho, Lee Min Ki, Lee Jong Suk, Soong Joong Ki, Kim Woo Bin, Hyun Bin, Jang Geun Suk and Jung Yong Hwa 4) Song Hye Kyo 5) BOF 6) Hyun Bin 7) Ha Ji Won 8) The Greatest Love - on the car's window of Dok Gu while he was crying 9) Shut up flower boy band 11) Go Min Nam 12) Gu Jun Pyo 13) On Shut Up flower boy band, I'll change that Byung Hee didnt die 14) Lee Min Ho on City Hunter 15) Big 16) I Hear Your Voice - when Hye Song said that he see Soo Ha as a man then Soo Ha kissed her and carried her. So cute! And also when they are in aquarium when Soo Ha confessed he that he like Hye Song he kissed her then he touched hye song's waist so tight. 17) Innocent Man 18) On Personal Taste - Lee Min-ho and Son Ye-jin 19) 20) 21) On Shut Up Flower Boy Band - when Byung Hee suddenly appeared in front of Soo ah 22) BOF 23) Big 24) BOF 25) 26) Nailshop Paris 27) 28) Secret Garden 29) Hye Song on I hear your voice 30) Dream High 2
30.Nine times travel
13.What happened in Bali
5.Queen Seon Deok
4.Lee Yo Won
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