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A/N: Okay I honestly is having some writers block for Prince of Seoul so I am going to update these ones and see where that takes me lol. But I have everything figured out just need to know how write it out .
Summary: You think he remembers?...Probably not...
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"Will you go out with me?" I looked at a red Mark. "M-Mark out of the blue like this well I uhm..." I nodded,"Lets go out Mr. Mark Tuan!" I smiled as he looked surprised at first then I laughed as he began jumping up and down,"WOOO! Y/N IS MY GIRLFRIEND NOW!!" I covered my face as people started to stare at us and before I knew it he grabbed my face and kissed me,"I love you Y/N...and I will treasure you I promise to never ever break your heart..." I gave him the brightest and looked out at the city lights as the wind blew through our hair, "But you did choose a wonderful spot I love it...so beautiful..." Mark then threw his arms around me, "How about a year from now we promise to meet here same date and time." I then kissed his cheek, "Okay I like it...I Y/F/N Y/L/N will meet Mark Tuan here a year from now on 7pm." I smiled as I held out my pinky and Mark laughed as he wrapped his pinky around mine. I then giggled, "Alright it's official no backing out."
I looked out at the city lights as the wind blew through my hair, "7pm..." I took a long breathe in and just as I was about to leave a familiar figure was approaching but he wasn't alone right next to him was Seulgi. They didn't seem to notice me. "Wow Mark this view is breathtaking." He then held her hand, "Seulgi...I know we have only been together for 3 months but...I felt like I have known you for so long...so please..." He then knelt on the ground and pulled out a red velvet box, my heart fell as soon as I saw the box, "Please marry me Kang Seulgi..." She gasped and nodded I scoffed as the feeling of anger and sadness suddenly took over my body, "Yes...of course I will...I...I am so happy...I don't even--" I tried to just watch but I scoffed at their tacky conversation. "Y/N?" I turned around to see Chanwoo I immediately covered his mouth but I already knew it was too late. Mark knew I was here and he knows I just saw everything. "Y/N? What are you doing here?" I heard Mark say as he approached Chanwoo and I.
Before turning around to face Mark I glared at Chanwoo, "Suddenly you own this platform..." He scoffed, "No it's just after we broke up 3 months ago I thought you--" I interrupted him,"Left? Yeah I did but I remembered a promise I made to a special someone to come back here..." Seulgi and Chanwoo both had a confused look on their faces but Mark looked down, "You didn't have to--" I sighed heavily trying to stop the tears, "No remember it was official? We even pinky promised." I laughed as the tears started to fall out of my eyes, "I like to keep my promises...to be honest I thought that special someone would break this one too..." I looked down before I can say anything else, "Congratulations Mark...Seulgi." I then left not looking back.
When I got to my car my eyes were blurring from the tears. I loved him so much because I believed him but he. He just replaced me like I was nothing. Like the 9 months we had together was nothing but a pass time. I cried as I remembered the way he looked at Seulgi. I hit my chest hoping that pain would be more than the internal pain I was feeling but it was useless. 3 months and still I held onto the hope he would come back to me. But I was nothing to him anymore. No I was never anything to him. And that's what hurt the most. He was everything to me but I was nothing to him.

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