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안녕하세요 친구!!

Omo, it's bias week in our BTOB community!! 헐!!! How cool is this...anywho let's see here.
So like I completely bias Chi Town Peniel Bae! (Monday - Saturday) But no lie, Ilhoon I used to bias on Sundays but now, Eunkwang kinda took that spot on Sundays.


-He literally just walked in and said: "I'll just take this seat" ugh.
I love that Peniel seems to have 2 travel essentials: them black capri-like pants and his camera. *my phone just wants me to upload only those 2 pics* Regardless, it's great to see a man in black from head to toe. <%_%>
And just because he looks hella smexy here.
Those gifs of Peniel made me smile so much!! 😣💙
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The hat in the first airport pic is THE BEST HAT EVER!!! I want it!
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Peniel always looking good 😉
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