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DID Theory Corrections

So as many of you know this is a detailed theory that my sister @BrennaTran and I are working on. I wanted all of you to know that we are mostly figuring this out as we go and because of that we are bound to have things in our theory that we originally thought were correct but after further thought and research we no longer believe so.
Hopefully I won't have to make too many cards like this correcting our theory but sometimes things change and I hope you bear with us. We'll do our best to make corrections and not confuse anyone.
As usual if you want to be tagged or untagged let me know.
If you have any questions or see any flaws/holes in our theory please let us know. We'd love to clarify any confusion or figure out any holes.
Here's links to our cards so far:
All changes here will be applied to future cards and is something to keep in mind while reading our past cards because they do not have these changes.
Our first and simplest change is to Jimin's character. We have originally said that Jimin is the holder of the pain. Well after thinking this through further we have decided that Jimin is the true protector personality. If his job is to take on all of the pain and suffering and then keep it from spreading to the other personalities then he is the protector. We will be referring to his character as the protector from now on.
So naturally if we turn Jimin into the protector then the next change would be to Jungkook's character. Jungkook is the all knowing neutral. He sees everything the other personalities are doing and he sees when Jin has his moments of realization. For the most part Jungkook just observes and does not interact. The only thing we have noticed Jungkook favor is survival. His actions mostly line up with keeping Jin alive and not allowing Suga(depression and suicide) to gain any control.
As a quick preview we do believe Jungkook's character becomes incredibly important in the Wings videos. As we have said earlier we believe that the bird represents Demian and Demian is the one who leads Sinclair(Jin) into gaining back control. We see the bird in reference with Jungkook most and believe that he later becomes Demian but this is not until Wings so we'll go into more detail about that later. Important to note Demian was not always in Sinclair's mind he enters Sinclair's mind later when Sinclair is ready and this is why we think it's possible that Jungkook becomes Demian.
This is not so much a change but something I wanted to make sure was clear. In the last card we mentioned how we think Rap Monster represents Jin's heart or a close tie to Jin's heart. Rap Monster represents responsibility, innocence, and fear which are all emotions that weigh on the heart. We also see Rap Monster interacting with mirrors quite often and we think mirrors represent Jin's soul or heart. This is important to know for later cards and I wanted to make sure it was highlighted.
This is all just our opinion and what my sister and I gathered from watching the videos.
We do not own any of these pictures nor claim to. We hope to have the next card out soon.
idk that my guess with in them xD kinda like kill me heal me
but v and Jhope became one personality the homicide and suicidal personality. Namjoon and Jungkook became one personality as well that one can be the one person that is innocent and protector the persona that is trying to stay strong and also the one trying to deny the truth. as for suga and Jimin they can be the the one persona that is the bad one they one taking in most of the pain since they like to be defensive
😂😂😂😂 I think you're a little ahead of us in where we're at in explaining our theory. We may touch on some of these things later. That's an interesting take on the videos that I haven't thought of yet though. We'll make sure to take what you said into account. Everyone is taking away such different things and it's fun to see.
I am going to disagree with JHope being the suicidal personality though. That's what we thought originally until we found out he was diagnosed with Munchausen's so now we're thinking his suicide attempt is a plea for attention, but we'll get to that later too.
@MichalJamerson okey doket
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