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Hello Babies! I'm a late starter on this, but it's here. Let's begin!

❧ Day-1: Bias & Why: Simply put

I bias goofy guys. The more vibrant personality, the better chance they have of them gaining my soul. EunKwangie is such a precious man. He is definitely my love and I adore him.

❧ Day 2: Airport Fashion

❧ Day 3: Favorite Body Part or Physical Feature

I don't know how to word this without sounding superficial, but forgive me, that is not my intention. My favorite feature is his face. I love the expressions he always makes, as well as his smile. This guy has some of the best expressions hands down. ♡ Not to mention his eyes also.

❦ Melody Mod Squad ❦

♡ Lovely Melodies ♡

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I love Eunkwangie so much. He is the biggest dork and I love him for it. I did say physical feature so there is nothing wrong with picking his face. It doesn't sound superficial at all. He has a beautiful face, but he makes the best faces with it. He's so very expressive and we would cry of he wasn't.
Yes!! I love dorks!!
So proud of Eunkwang, he did an awesome job on king of masked singer. None of the panel even came close to guessing who he was. Our wonderful main vocal made it all the way to the 3rd round just like how our manknae Sungjae did! Eunkwang blew me away with the aria! Voice of an angel!
Yes he did! I am too. I absolutely adore his voice! ♡
I don't think there is nothing wrong with liking their expressions or face. They say you can tell a lot about a person by their facial expressions. With Eunkwang, you can tell he's a easy going kind of guy. ☺
He truly is. I cannot get enough of his expressions!
Eunkwang is adorkable and he is part of the reason I can't choose a bias.
Eunkwang is definitely adorkable and a good reason to prevent choosing of the bias XD