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Hey guys, i don't know if you have really noticed my absence over the past like year (?) but I'm in college now, woohoo. i have been so busy this past year, and i had to undownload the vingle app because of space, but now im back ^^
one thing in college that i am actually pretty excited for is a research paper that i am doing for my world history class. my parameters were anything between the year 1000 and present, so i had a little wiggle room. For my paper i chose Admiral Yi Sun-shin.
about a year or two ago i saw the movie 'The Admiral: Roaring Currents' i absolutely loved it. I like historically set war movies anyway, and that this was a true story just made it so much cooler.
so when i had the option to do a paper on him, i jumped on that opportunity. after i watched the movie about him i did some research on him on my own, and he is so amazing, a military genius.
one thing i am actually really excited about is i am going to get to read his war diary (unfortunately i can't read Hanja so i am going to have a English translation)
i STRONGLY recommend watching the movie, and looking him up, extra credits on youtube has a great series on him. im off to work, goodbye for now.
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I've read a bit about him. He is fascinating.