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Hello My Beau's! I have missed you~
[Innisfree] I've always wanted to try their products to be honest I was really impressed of the quality of their products and they were also kind to give me a FREE GIFT INSIDE!
Here are the things that I bought,
1. Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner
2. No- Sebum Mineral Powder
3. Eco flower tint balm
4. [GIFT] Minho Make-up Bag
Alright my Beau's are you all ready because I will tell you how much it costs. It's worth every dollar and yes it comes from Korea. The Package took about a week and a half to arrive. In this card I will be explaining what the products contain and do. Also I will be giving my own review of these products and adding reviews of Innisfree's webpage. VAMONOS!

Jeju volcanic pore toner

Size: 250ml
A daily pore treatment toner made with Jeju volcanic scoria to remove excess sebum.

What it is

A Daily toner for oily skin
1. Sebum control technology™: Controls excessive sebum to keep your skin looking fresh and soft.
2. A wipe-off type toner that removes residue left on the skin after washing the face
3. Shake well before use: The mineral powder inside helps treat pores and absorbs excessive sebum.

What is Jeju volcanic clay?

Jeju volcanic clay is made from minerals released by volcanic explosions in Jeju. It's categorized as a preserved alkaline resource and is effective in removing sebum and other impurities.

What else you need to know

Free from: parabens, synthetic fragrance, colorants, mineral oil, and imidazolidinyl urea

My Review:

Alright when I say that this toner works believe me it does work! it has controlled my frying pan face, it has made my pores get really clean and lets not forget that the smell of this toner is so refreshing and so good. Some things that I also want to state out is that it did not give me any blemishes or red skin, it does not leave any oily residue instead it gives out a soft finish when applying, this toner is specially for Oily faces/Combination. Also, it made my pores minimize a bit, I use this toner every day in the morning and at night before I go to bed. This toner Its already half of the bottle, yes I'm not lying but for the size and money I spent it is way above my expectations and I am a happy camper/Costumer. If I had to rate this product it would be 5 stars out of 5. To be honest I am in love with this product and I will buy it again!
(I really recommend this product to Oily/Combination Skins)
Dry: No
Normal: No

Costumer Reviews:

Feli* L
Yes. I want to buy this product again.
Great and refreshing toner for oily skin type
Have been using this toner for almost 2 weeks now and have definitely feel the difference in skin. My skin feel less oily now throughout the day. It also has a very refreshing smell and my skin feel smooth after using it.
Benefits: Pore care,Pore minimizing,Controls oil,Refreshing,Smoothing,Gentle,Comforting,Calming,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
Jirl***** S
Yes. I want to buy this product again.
What Pores?
I absolutely loved this toner. I've used many toners in the past and was committed to The FaceShop's volcanic toner and lotion combo. But once they stopped selling it in stores I was lucky enough to stumble upon this volcanic toner and I definitely wasn't disappointed. This toner is so gentle and light that it leaves your freshly washed face feeling baby butt soft! And after using this product, my pores were incredibly smaller and cleaner! Will definitely continue to purchase this!
Benefits: Moisturizing,Pore care,Pore minimizing,Controls oil,Refreshing,Gentle,Wonderful-smelling,Cooling,Absorbs quickly

No- Sebum Mineral Powder

Size: 5g

What it is

A replacement for oil control paper that leaves the skin soft and matte
1. The double sebum-control system controls the secretion of sebum to keep the skin soft and fresh all day long.
2. Jeju minerals and mint control skin oil and moisture to keep skin healthy.
How to use
In the last stage of your skincare or makeup routine, use the powder puff to gently apply powder around your entire face or on areas with a high sebum concentration.

My Review:

Ok so this Magic Powder has powers of oil absorbing molecules that seriously gives you a matte finish on your face! Believe it or not this powder actually controlled my face for the whole day I used it two times and GIRL this thing gives you a matte finish that it almost made me tear of joy! you can use this on top of your make up! you can use it on your hair, eyes, and lips! where most of the sebum accumulates. If i had to rate this product it would be 5 stars out of 5 best product ever! I would totally buy this again, im a happy costumer!
Oily/Combination/Normal: Yes
Dry: No

Costumer Reviews:

Step***** T
Yes. I want to buy this product again.
Great for combination skin
Apply just a little bit of powder to T-zone after foundation, it can last for 4 hours. Especially apply a bit to eye lips. Very easy to draw eyeliners and the eyeliners are long lasting.
Benefits Controls oil,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply)
Anni* L
Yes. I want to buy this product again.
It really did control my oils throughout the day
I decided to try this out as some of the beauty youtubers' that I follow seem to rave about this. This product did not disappoint me. It definitely does what it claims to do. I used it for the first time on a 9 hour shift work day, did not touch up at all, and by the end of the shift none/very little oil had peaked through (and trust me, my face gets very oily towards the end of the day). I only use it on my oil prone areas (nose and bit of the forehead). The only thing I didn't like which is the case for all loose powders is that it is hard to control how much powder comes out of the container as I only need to use the slightest amount for my nose. But other than that, great product and I will be repurchasing.
Benefits Controls oil

Eco flower tint balm

no.1 azaleas
Size: 3.5g

What it is

A lip balm tint that moisturizes and revitalizes your lips
1. Vivid colors that highlight your lips
2. Moisturizing balm that melts on your lips
3. A tint + lip balm to use as part of your daily makeup

My Review:

This lipstick is so pigmented that it looks like a really nice Coral/Pink color its really pretty just be careful because it looks like it doesn't tint much but its totally the opposite. Once that balm shine goes away the tint stays there for 1 to 2 hours max so you'll have to be applying it every hour or two. Your lips are tinted in a really soft color, and it makes your complexion look more brighter. One thing i have to state out is that it made my lips crack I don't know why but it was really moisturizing. You're paying for a high quality lip tint here! If i had to rate this product it would be 4 out of 5 stars.

Costumers Reviews:

Yuy* T
Yes. I want to buy this product again.
Long lasting and pigmented
I bought the lightest shade (No. 1 Azaleas), the packaging is really cute and it does not look cheap at all unlike the wand version. Based on the colour of the balm, it is a really soft light pink but I did not expect it to be so pigmented. It changes color once on your lips and makes your lips bright pink. It is very easy to apply even without a mirror as it is a balm, but I need to be careful not to put too much as it can really turn out too bright on my lips. Usually, a few light dabs of this on my lips will be enough to bring out a nice pink shade that is just right. For a more natural look, use a tissue to dab away the excess and you will be left with soft lightly tinted lips which lasts for a few hours. Only need to reapply after eating if you want to touch up, but it fades nicely so I usually don't worry that much about that. Because of it's pigmentation, people will probably tell that you are wearing something on your lips, so don't use this if you want a strictly no makeup look, just use a regular lip balm without the tint.
Benefits: Long-lasting,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply),Pigmented
Luc* C
Yes. I want to buy this product again.
Convenient and great colour!
This tint balm is very pigmented and only need 1-2 coats to bring colour to the lips. I really liked the Azalea (pink) and Calendula (red) colours, while my friend likes Garden Balsam (orange-red). They're not very dramatic and can be layered easily. The smell is floral and pretty too!
Benefits: Wonderful-smelling,Creamy,Absorbs quickly,Long-lasting,Good coverage,Easy-to-use (Easy-to-apply),Pigmented
This is the free gift! of MinHo its so cute it looks like a postcard and he even wrote something on the inside! Guyy, even a toner and all beauty products fit in there except for large hairsprays!! I'm in love with every single product I really recommend these to you my beautiful Beau's ♥ sadly I didnt take a picture with the box because someone threw it to the trash I almost cried but oh well! LOL
Alright this has been Nana for all the newbies to the blog! We will soon be doing a Kbeauty giveaway! stay tuned for that awesome card and stay tuned for more future cards! I love you all and i want to thank you all for reading my cards you guys are life ♥ Saranghae~
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Hasta la vista Beau's
Stay Flawless!
Le Muah Nana♥
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