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Im feeling empty and hopeless and broken today. Im feeling angry and violent and i want to run away. Im feeling worthless and im crying and im tired today. I just want to go to sleep and never be wake. Your cruelty crawls inside of my chest and eats me alive and im a bloody mess. I miss your kindness and your embrace, even if it is fake, i can pretend. But you wont come and Ill never be okay again. This is what you did to me so take a good look. The damage is done and i still miss you. I try talk to other guys and i cant feel anything and you are the only one who ever makes me feel love. That was yesterday, yeah, today is a different day. The story has changed because there's power in his name to break every chain, yeah, to break every chain. Im praying, I'm fighting, yeah I'm fighting for you. I'm praising God and I'm believing for you. I'm singing there is power in the name of Jesus! How did i get here, i don't know but ive broken free. I'm strong enough to love again, strong enough to care about myself and you too. Because i love you and i forgive you. And even if i cant have you in this life, i want to see you in heaven. I love you.