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Shoujo Manga Boys ❤️
A list please of their names and what manga they're from
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If only someone can name them all😂😁
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Lol its hard to name all of them, cuz some of them look like some other characters from some other manga lolz, but i will try to give u some First Row Last Two: Say I Love You (Yamata), Taiyou No Le(Hiro's lil bro, forgot his name) Second Row Last Two: Ao Haru Ride (Kou), Last Game(Forgot his name, main character) Third Row Middle: Usostuki Lily (En <3) I definitely recommend this one Sorry I don't know anyone from the fourth row, at least I can't think of it right now Last Row Fourth Guy: Orange (Kakeru) I recommend this one too :3 P.S. The ones i listed are all completed thats why I know them lolz, I hope this helps a lil @soweirdfam4ever @Aquatear
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