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So I have noticed that a few songs are starting to sound the same in kpop. What I mean is like beats are similar and the vocals are done similar to. Not that the songs are exactly the same or are being copied or anything. Just that their seems to be a new beat/vocal style popping up. anyone else notice this?
Jun. K - Think about you "this is the first time I really noticed it"
2pm - promise(ill be) "this is the first one that sounded like Jun. K song and I just figured because he's a member of 2pm it makes sense that they would probably reflect one another or he could have had a hand in producing this"
Nu'est - love paint "then I found this song and thought its not just Jun. K doing this new beat/vocal style"
You may have to see who wrote the songs. Jun K writes songs for other groups, as does some of the other members of 2PM. It's hard to tell sometimes as they use 'pen' names.
that's true I didnt think about that. I just noticed it was starting to pop up in a few songs.