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Chapter 7

Cream ---Four Years Ago--- "Everybody I want you to meet Jung Kook Jeon. He doesn't speak much English so please try to understand and help him a little." The English teacher announced quite giddy. "Jung, please take a seat on the empty chair next to Jade." Jungkook looked at the teacher quite lost. He was trying to figure out what it was that she was trying to say. He looked at the whole class and they kept staring at him. It seemed he was the only Asian person in this room. His heart was beating so fast he thought he may be having a heart attack. Out of nowhere a girl raised her hand to try and call his attention. She was pointing to the seat next to hers. It seemed that was what the teacher meant. Jungkook locked eyes with the girl and immediately blushed. He felt his cheeks were so red that probably the whole class had noticed. She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. This color of eyes were rarely seen in South Korea. He had never seen eyes quite this beautiful. He slowly walked towards the girl and bent himself to show he was thankful and proceeded to take the seat next to her. The girl smiled amused and assented her head to let him know it was okay. "Time to pass roll" the teacher announced looking a Jungkook. She walked towards him and handed him a sheet with the names of the students. "Can you please call the roll today? It will help you practice your English," she said with an innocent smile in her face. Jungkook took and looked at the sheet of paper quite nervous. Everybody was looking at him and smiling. He finally took the sheet of paper, stood up and proceeded to call the names. "Uh...John" "Avery" the teacher helped him out. "Here!" said a voice from the back, while everyone else snickered. "Everyone, be quiet! Please, Jung, continue" the teacher said reassuring him. This is gonna take a while Jungkook thought then he took a deep breath and continued. The next couple of names were a little easier. He thought he was doing great until he spoke the next name in the list. "Jedu Cream" that was when everybody lost it. Everyone in the class couldn't contain their laughter and even the teacher tried to suppress hers. "It's pronounced, Kyu...rim," the girl next to him said blushing. "Don't lie Cream!" screamed a boy from the back. "Shut up, James!" Kurim screamed at the guy from the back. The whole class started laughing. "You know I think cream sounds quite cute, Jade" James responded. "Would you like some "cream" with your coffee, sir?" James asked to his friend sitting next to him. "Why, Sir, yes I do" his friend responded with a fake English accent. Jungkook saw that everybody was laughing. He turned to see Kurim slide down on her desk with embarrassment and cover her face with her hoody. The teacher demanded every one to be quiet but every few seconds Jungkook could hear someone whispering "cream" while the rest of the class snorted in silence. He had messed big time. It seemed without any intention on his part, he had given Kurim a new nickname and everyone but Kurim seemed to love it.
---Present Time--- Kurim noted the guys were staying longer than usual. They kept whispering to themselves and shushing each other. Yoongi kept stealing glances and looking away when he noticed her looking back. Jungkook was also quieter than usual. I guess being punched in the stomach had that effect on you. Kurim also noticed that he seemed to look a bit sad. She was wondering if something was bothering him. She was about to ask Jungkook if everything was okay when a voice called her name. "Kurimssi?" Yoongi asked with eyes looking down. Kurim turned to see him fidgeting, nervously with his hands and finally awkwardly putting them in his jeans' pockets. "Yes, Yoongissi, is everything okay? Do you guys need anything else?" "No...I mean, yes, everything is fine. I was just wondering if I can have a word with you in private" he said blushing. "Umm...sure. Jungkook I'm gonna take my 10 minutes break. I'll be right back" "Let's go to the patio, Yoongissi, we can talk there" Kurim said smiling nervously. Jungkook saw Kurim leave with Yoongi trailing behind her. He didn't know what to do with this. He turned to the guys table and noticed all of them turning away immediately, pretending they weren't looking at him. Jungkook didn't want to imagine what was that Yoongi wanted with Kurim but judging by his friends' expressions he had an idea.
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