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So I just finished watching this movie, and I really enjoyed it. But at the end I got really frustrated. WARNING SPOILER...KIND.
The girl ends up with the guy who was mean and mistreated her in the end. It totally reminded me of all the dramas where the girl ends up with the first lead "bad boy" instead of the second lead "nice guy". Like I really just want a drama where the female lead ends up with the second lead, who was nice and sweet to her from the beginning. Like, why is that so hard to do. I am tired of always having second lead syndrome. *sigh* Anyways, I am curious which drama gave you second lead syndrome extremely bad.
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Which movie is this? It looks familiar. I just finished Glory Days that has EXO's Suho and JiSoo in it. I figured out what was going to happen way too soon.
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It is a manga....and I think an anime.