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Soo i accidently deleted 95% of all my pics in my gallery lols. i mean it was an accident hahasssss i hate to delete pics lol. But then i open my gallery and i was surprised to see i only have xiumin pics in my gallery Omgeee hahasssss i can't even he is such a huge wrecker. So which means you all will be getting a huge spam of this precious Munchkin and an adorable sweetheart. Why because i dont want to be the only one being wrecked hehes. soooooooooo enjoy Hope u all will have a nice day ❀ thank me or not please show some love to precious Minseoki oppa ❀ love you oppa all credit to actual owners.
Xuimin looks good with that blue black hair 😍
Sorry meant Xiumin, damn auto spell πŸ˜‚
He is just the cutest thing....
I love pics of minseok where it looks like he's thinking really hard. :3 lol