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hello vinglers, sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been binge watching Naruto from the start and it took me some time. i still haven't finished yet. I'm around episode 376 of shippuden and I'm enjoying it. talking about the akatsuki, my favorite member is Deidara. the dude is funny and I kinda think his ability is stupid lol but he pulls it off nicely all the time. So who's your favorite akatsuki member?
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my fave akatsuki is the OG trio. Team Jaryia ftw
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Hidan. i did a cosplay for a con a cpl months ago
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Itacho Uchiha you will be mine 馃槏馃挊馃拫
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Kisame bae 馃挏 @simplynick 馃憖
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@kibitokai Yea but to bad somebody made a mean fish fillet out of his corpse.
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