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Well I was gonna post this last night but Comcast decided to do "maintenance" on the internet so I never got to finish this let alone post it. So here goes...
I in all honesty can't even begin to think that's it's been 1 year already. I woke up with a reminder that today is iKon's 1 year anniversary and I was instantly overcome with emotions. I know I talk a lot about how much I love these boys but it's all true.
Being one of the ones who has been with these boys from the very first episode of WIN, then all through Mix & Match to their debut I've been there through their ups and downs. I've felt their pain, sorrow and happiness as if it were my own. I've watched them achieve their dreams and I watched them struggle and suffer knowing there's a chance their dreams may not come true but not once did they ever think of giving up on their dreams, themselves or each other no matter how hard things got.
It broke my heart when I saw them almost reach the point of depression but never gave in and that makes me swell with pride. But the bond these boys share and the love they have for their fans are like no other group I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Their bond is the strongest and their love for us and even each other runs deeper than I've ever seen. It's as I've said before it's one of the many reasons why I love them so much and why they're my favorite group of all time.
So let us today just reminisce and appreciate these boys, our angels. I thank every day for these boys entering my life.
These boys are so precious!
Hanbin...the best and funniest leader ever!
iKon mv's since debut.
They seriously are the best dancers I've ever seen! They were already very good to begin with but they've improved so much over the years!
So much happiness from two marshmallows on a stick
Time to wind up this card but once again I am so proud of them and yesterday I was so emotional but in a good way because I can't believe it's been a year and how far they've come. I can't help but to feel an overwhelming sense of pride when I think about it all. I love these boys so much. So here's to our first anniversary and to many many more.
What are some of your favorite iKon moments/memories? Leave your comments down below.
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