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Hey guys! This is my entry for the EXO Fanfic contest! This is going to be an angst oneshot. If you want to know more about the contest click -> here <-
Let me know what you guys think in the comments!
General Information:
Genre: AngstWord Count: 1,141 words.
Happy Reading!
“Why are you acting like this, huh?” Kris shouts at me. I ball up my fists, getting fed up with his child-like behavior.
“I wouldn’t be if you actually put some fucking effort into our relationship.” I snap at him.
“What are you talking about? I do just as much as you do.” He says, his voice getting louder.
“Really?” I say, taking a few steps towards him, “Then why do you never come home at night anymore, huh? Why don’t you ever call me anymore? Why don’t you respond to me texts?”
“It’s work. You know how my job can be.” He’s right. His job is always unpredictable, but that isn’t a good excuse anymore. There’s something else going on. I know there is.
“Your work is never this strict!” I shout, getting more frustrated with him. This has been going on for two months now. He’s never home anymore. He always makes up the same excuses and I’m tired of hearing them.
“We’ve been doing a lot of things to prepare for our comeback,” he says sternly, fiddling with the bracelet on his wrist. Wait, I didn’t get him that, and I don’t remember him buying it.
“Where did you get that?” I ask, trying to hide the nervousness in my voice. I step closer to try and get a better look. I feel my breath get caught in my throat when I realize what it is. It’s a couple bracelet, and it’s not our couple bracelets.
“What?” Kris asks, giving me a frustrated look. I walk closer to him and grab his wrist, holding it up, “This,” I say.
Kris looks at the bracelet then back at me, anger showing in his eyes. “None of your business.” He says, jerking his wrist out of my hand. He walks away from me, running his hand through his hair and letting out a frustrated sigh.
My mind starts to put the pieces together. The work nights, the arguments, the ignored calls and texts, why he’s not home anymore. He…he couldn’t be cheating on me. Right? He wasn’t seeing someone else right? Kris would never do that. Right?
Sadness and anger creep into my stomach. I clench my fists, “Who is it?” I ask under my breath. I hear Kris turn around, “What?”
Who.Is.It?” I say again, annunciating every word. “What are you talking about?” Kris asks.
I turn to face him, looking anywhere but his face. Does he really think I’m stupid? Does he really think he’s got me fooled? I walk over to him until our faces are mere inches from each other, “You know what I’m talking about.” I say, this time looking him dead in the eye so he can see how angry I am right now.
Kris brings his arms up and pushes me back, “What the hell are saying?” he asks.
I clench my teeth and grab his wrist, holding it up again. “Where did this couple bracelet come from, huh? Because it’s sure as hell not ours!” I shout.
Kris chuckles as he jerks his wrist out of my grip, “You really are stupid,” he says. I give him a confused look. “What?”
“You really think I’m cheating on you?” he asks in a soft voice. I drop my head down. Isn’t that where the couple bracelet came from?
Kris lets out another chuckle, “It took you this long to figure it out? Y/N, I’m not in love with you anymore.”
I look up at him. “What? I thought-“
“The bracelet was used to make you think I was cheating so you could break up with me. All the times I told you I had to work were fake. I made it look like I was seeing someone else so you could end the relationship. But I guess I’ll be the one ending it.” Kris sticks his hands into his jackets pockets.
I bite my lip to prevent tears from falling on my face. He doesn’t love me anymore? Why? Why, after two years, did he decide he was done? I take in a shaky breath, “Why?” I asked.
Kris looks up at me, his face showing no remorse, “Huh?” he says.
I walk closer to him, “Why?” I ask again. “Why didn’t you just call it off when you were done?” I ask. I grab him by his shoulders, making him stumble back. “Why did you have to hurt me like this?” I bring my hand back and start hitting his chest, “Why did you have to do it like this?” I feel my checks dampen and my breath becomes shaky. “Did these two years mean anything to you?!” I shout, making Kris step back, “Was I just a nobody?” I hear my voice grow louder as I repeatedly hit his chest. Kris tries to grab my hand, saying that I’m hurting him, but I don’t care. He’s hurt me in the cruelest way possible. I lose control of my emotions. I fall to my knees and let out a loud sob, “Why Kris? WHY?”
I hear Kris step back, “Y/N,” he says. I let out another sob, feeling my heart pounding in my chest, “Why?” I whispered.
Kris walks towards me. “I don’t love you like I did two years ago Y/N. I’m sorry, but I just can’t continue with this. You’re an amazing person, but you’re not the girl I want to love anymore.” I hear Kris’s footsteps lead to the door. I hear it open then I hear the most painful words I’ve ever heard: “I’ll be coming by tomorrow to get the rest of my things. It would be best if you weren’t here so I don’t have to deal with this again.” I hear him walk out, the door gently shutting behind him.
I let out an ear piercing scream before bringing my knees up to my chest. I let out loud cries as I feel tears soak the outside of my jeans. My heart feels like it just exploded. I feel my entire body shake. “Why?” I say through my cries. I wipe the tears from my cheeks, but it does nothing as more just keep flowing. I thought we were doing great. Why did it all end like this? What did I do wrong? What changed?
I let out another cry before I fall onto my side, curling into the fetal position. I stay like that before I feel my eyelids flutter and the last of my tears fall onto my cheeks. My breathing starts to slow down as I get up from the floor and onto the couch. I plopped down on it and rest my aching head on the soft pillow. One last question pops into my head before I fall into a dreamless, cold sleep:
What did I do wrong?
Why Kris? Why?
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I want to punch Kris for you!
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my eyes!!! my heartu!!!! huhu😭😭😭😭😭😭 kris you you you!!! ugh!!! freaking chicken niggets man!! you you stupid man who blew me away at first aight with the smile the smirk the "thats not my style" stuff ugh!! i hate you huhu 😭😭😭😭😭
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