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Summary: I'm young, with a full life ahead of me... And seven famed idols as roommates. And a baby. Genre: Comedy, Friendship Rating: 16+ (some language and adult themes) ~Chapter One ~~Chapter Two ~~~Chapter Three ~~~~Chapter Four ~~~~~Chapter Five ~~~~~~Chapter Six ~~~~~~~Chapter Seven ~~~~~~~~Chapter Eight Alright guys, time flew, now I will nail this story with every ounce of grit I've got, my apologies for the delay.
A light swung back and forth overhead, my fingers clenching around the sink granite. I released a sullen groan, eyelids fluttering to a close before I lunged for the toilet and spewed out the remains of my lunch. After several moments of vomit-without-pause, I drew back and rested my head against the wall. Then I realized I had gotten some of the substance on my shirt, and I cried out, “Ah, son of a bitch!” “Somebody call me?” Namjoon poked his head in with a gnome grin, shuffling in and tossing a clean hand towel my way. I caught it breathlessly and wiped my lips. “Don’t say that, your mom is great.” He smiled and offered a water bottle he’d been holding behind his back. I took it graciously. “Thanks, dad.” The rapper patted my head and sat beside me, watching as I hastily chugged the contents of the bottle without mercy. “You doing okay?” His voice had resorted to a deep, caring tone, and he brought the back of his hand to my forehead. “I’m not feverish,” I shooed his palm away. “This is just what happens, man.” He displayed some type of a grimace and eyed my abdomen. “I am really, honestly grateful men do not get pregnant.” I released a short lived laugh, holding the barf in. When I calmed down enough to respond, I nudged his firm shoulder and chuckled, “careful what you say, modern technology begs to differ.” “Yeah, yeah.” He went silent, and then rolled his head back against the wall. I watch as his eyes scanned the ceiling, mindlessly counting the dots up there, his lips parting as though he was going to say something. And he did. “Did your friend decide a name yet?” It took me a moment to realize what he meant, my hand casually resting over my developing bump. “No. Not yet. Not until the gender is known.” He quirked his lip, nodding understandably. Then, he shifted so he was facing me. His palm slowly outreached and hovered above my mid-section, I offering a raised eyebrow in response. “May I?” He asked in English, his accent rolling off his tongue. It seemed like an odd request, seeing as the creature was probably no more than a parasitic growth at the time, but I drew my hand back and nodded once. His hand was large, something I’m sure every RM stan would die at the feeling of, and definitely inviting. He comfortably rested it right on my stomach and remained silent for a few moments before a look of confusion went over his face. “I don’t feel anything,” I snorted and he moved away. “That’s because it’s still too early. Try again in three months, then you’ll surely feel it kicking.” I went back to mindlessly stroking the bump, Namjoon quiet beside me. “How do you think ARMY is taking the short films?” I asked, thinking back to when he first explained the plans for the album and the aftermath. It was still quite confusing to me, but I thought to change the subject, since he seemed as though he was about ready to delve further into the baby ordeal. “Oh,” He chuckled lowly and then adjusted the collar of his black T. “So far we haven’t been hunted down yet, so that’s good. But I know they’re already getting mixed feelings, so I hope it all pieces together for them in the end.” I nodded, knowingly, and began to stand myself up, nausea still hanging over me like a rain cloud. “Namjoon, where you at?” That was Yoongi’s voice. After his sudden display of odd behavior that one morning, things returned to normal between the two of us, but I still had an unsure feeling every time we spoke. Namjoon called out an echoing “bathroom!” and rose to his feet, turning and offering his hand. I accepted it graciously, the need to puke wavering with every movement. “Hey, I—” Namjoon had pulled me up and straightened me out as soon as the other rapper poked his head in. I looked in his direction, a bewildered expression on his face as he noticed me. “Reina...” I cocked my head, separating myself from Namjoon. There it was—that look on his face. It had been a while since I last saw it, but it made me nervous in the pit of my stomach. The taller man engaged in a brief conversation with him, but the elder one never broke eye contact with me. I was severely uncomfortable at some point, half-tempted to push them out of the doorway so I could escape. It was the bathroom, goddammit, not a meeting room. By the time I tried to sidle through the doorway, Namjoon took his leave, waving me off and padding down the hall. Yoongi looked after him as he left, and I attempted to sneak by, right until a fist blocked me off and I was suddenly back in the bathroom, the door closed. I went wide-eyed as... Yoongi cornered me against the sink, face near and eyes narrowed. I released a squeal of shock and string of nervous laughs. Uh-oh. “Haha... hey uh, Yoongster... what’s going on here? Got something on your mind?” His forehead nearly brushed against mine, and I slowly leaned away from his intimidating gaze. “You.” “Ahaha,” I choked on my laughter, eyes looking anywhere but his. “Good one, chap, now if you don’t mind I’d like to—” His hands went on either side of me, firmly grasping around the granite of the sink as my lips snapped shut. Mild fear struck within me under his fiery glare. “Why was he holding you?” What? I thought back, mind reeling for any possible significance to his words. And then it hit me. “Oh, Namjoon? He was just helping me up, I mean I’m quite vomity and—” “That didn’t look like ‘just helping’.” He nearly snarled, and I gulped, anxiously scratching the back of my neck and rethinking what he could’ve seen to make him beg to differ. Half of me was tempted to shove him away and high-tail out of there, while the other half was actually curious where he was going with it. The latter prevailed. “Why does it matter?” I questioned, keeping the wavering out of my words. He eyed the length of my face, his dark orbs clouded over by a mysterious haze. I swallowed thickly, forging an escape plan, when suddenly, his lips were on mine and I was too shocked to react. It was hard, quick, and wet. Beyond the smooch I’d given him in truth or dare. He pulled away chastely, licking his devious frown, and said, “It really pisses me off.” I had no words to share in that moment, still coming down from the high of surprise. When I did recover, my palms smacked against my gaping mouth. And then he said it. He did. And he totally deserved the slap he got afterward. “I think I love you.”
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