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-Late Night- Spending the night over your crush/best friends house isn't so bad right. He lets me sleep in his room while he bunks on the couch. I change into my PJ's then decide to lay down. I hear a few knocks at the door and then it opens. I got you some bubble tea I know how much you like it. "Th..thanks Oppa" I say blushing. Y/N I've noticed something about you like how your heart beats fast when I hug you and your flustered face when I call you cute and how you stutter when I'm around you I've watched enough tv to know you like me and I honestly like you two. "Oppa I" he puts his finger to my lips. I'm still speaking but first let me show you how I feel. He tilts my head up to look at him as he leans in..our lips just inches away from each other until it finally makes contact. Shocked my eyes opened wide until I finally kissed him back. Blushing my heart rate gets faster as the kiss becomes more heated and sloppy. He pulls away and I'm left shocked as he speaks. I didn't know how to tell you until now and I'm so happy all I need is your answer. I move but trip then he catches me and we both stayed like that for a while. I kiss him long and passionately. "Oppa Saranghae". Saranghae now get some sleep Y/N. He tucks me in and was about to leave when I grab his hand. "D..don't go I umm can you stay here until I fall asleep". Sure he says laying besides me as we both drift off to sleep. Done and it's not my best I'm sorry if it's bad well I'm off to bed Saranghae and Annyeong