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Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 22 Continue reading? Part 24 Sorry for not updating I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go with this story and I finally figured it out. So I hope you enjoy it.
It had only been 2 weeks since I wasn't around the guys all the time and it was still hard to get used too. I had gotten off of work when my phone rang. I hadn't seen this number for 2 weeks. I quickly answered. "Hello?" "Hi (y/n) I was wondering if you were free this afternoon?" "Yes I am." "Can you come talk to me? I have a favor to ask." "Sure I'll head over there now." "Alright see you soon." He said and we hung up. I ran to Bighit. When I got to the building I went to the front desk. "Hi I'm here to see Pdnim Bang." "He's expecting you, just head to his office." She said handing me a pass and off I went to his office. I walked past the practice room and heard the guys. I wanted to stop and take a peak but from what I heard it wasn't much practice going on. I stood in front of Pdnims office. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Come in." He said and I walked in. "Have a seat." I did as he said. "How have you been?" "I've been good, How about you?" I asked "I'm ok. Stressed but I'm hoping you can help with it." "How?" "Rob has been having a very hard time with the boys and he is needing help." "Rob is there new assistant manager right?" "Right. Now I don't know why he isn't getting the hang of things but I was hoping you could help him." "Like talk to him?" "Yea, but you'd help him for a few days so he could figure out how you handled the boys." "So not permanently?" "Correct, the boys are being very hard to handle these past 2 weeks." "Sure I can help, but it have to be once I'm off of my other job. which is 3 Monday thru friday." "That is fine, could you start now?" "Sure." He quickly got up and I followed him out of the room we made our way to the practice room. He knocked and walked in and I followed him. "(y/n)?" I looked at them with a smile. "Rob this is (y/n) she's going to help you be able to control these boys for a few days." "Hi Rob." I went to shake his hand but before I could get to them I was tackled by the guys. "Guys get off." I laughed "We never thought you'd walk in here again." Tae said "Yea, same here but here I am. Now off please. it's not like I haven't seen you over the last 2 weeks." "Well to be fair the time you do get to share with us Is tiny since you try to spend your time with Yoongi more." Jimin whined. "Alright, Alright I get it." "Boys." pdnim said and they instantly removed themselves from me. "Hi (y/n)" Rob said finally being able to shake my hand. "Alright I'll leave you to it." pdnim said and walked out of the room. "Ok so just do what you normally do and I'll give you my input." I told him and I sat down and watched how he interacted with the boys. Over the next hour I watched what they did and how they all interacted. "Ok Rob, this is the only thing I see wrong." I walked up to the guys. They all smiled. "What we are doing everything..." Tae started "What are you 7 doing? Are you feeling stressed? I don't remember you guys ever acting this weak before." "We are just not feeling great." Namjoon said "Is this how they have been the last 2 weeks." "At first they never listened to me now they sorta listen to me." Rob stated. "Guys. Seriously?" They all looked everywhere but at me. "Ok Rob I'll try to help you out to get these idiots to listen to you." I said "Hey!" They all said and I laughed "Well you guys are." Step 1 was to see what was going on with each guy.
Alrighty so what did you think??? What do you think could possibly happen now?
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the next chapter will be longer I promise!!!
poor Rob🙁but too bad they don't want you sorry😅I'm Jk I can't be that mean to Rob...
what do I think?!? longer chapters!! lmaooooooo
Please something that makes her irreplaceable to the pdm
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