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Hi Hi! so me and @SarahVanDorn have a new collaboration project going on! she started this time round and was so excited about doing this. so for those who haven't seen hers go check it out! Okay on to story!
"Belle Belle! " Eliza exclaimed as she spotted her in the room. There was a bunch of the other dancers in the room. Everyone in the morning was in here stretching and getting ready to start practice. "Eliza what are so excited about?" Belle questioned looking up from the ground at her. Belle was currently doing stretches on the floor. "Guess what today is!" Eliza said. "Do you honestly want me to guess?" Belle looked up at her. "Its chuseok today!" Eliza told her. " I finished that dress I was making you. So you can wear it tonight! Do you want to go out for Cheusok?" Eliza questioned "Oh yea it's the middle of Autumn isn't it" Belle commented. "Yup. I hear there's something going on by the Han river  you want to go?" too Eliza asked "Sure! Can we get bugolgi too? " Belle questioned. "Yea! I'll help you get ready after your done with work" Eliza told her twirling on her hear. "Now I got to go hunt down those guys." Eliza said before leaving. Belle just chuckled.  Practice started and Belle was busy learning the choreography with all the other dancers. There was a new dance routine that they were doing. Half way through the day the members of BTS joined them and by  the end of the night it was already 7ish and people were exhausted. That is except for some of the guys. They were bouncing around and talking about Jin cooking food for them tonight.  "Psssssssst!  Belle!" Eliza was whispering from the doorway and waving her hand to get her attention. It was cracked open and if it wasn't for that hand waving around Belle would have probably missed it. She got up and went to the door. "What?" Belle questioned . "Are you done yet?" She asked "I was thinking of staying-" "Nope your done come on" Eliza grabbed her arm and started pulling on her. "Eliza wait!" Belle said putting her hand up so the door wouldn't smack her in the face. "Come on" Eliza whined not realizing why she was saying to wait.  "You said you would go out with me tonight" she whined still. Out of the corner of his eye he had spotted one of the girl dancers go to the door. When he looked back it seemed like she was whispering to the door and then all of a sudden something was pulling at her.  Ignoring the guys talking Suga tilted his head pondering what was happening. Was she caught on the door somehow? Was someone on the other side she was talking to?  He watched as she was yanked really hard and with the door only cracked open the girl braced herself,  hand up to cover her face as she hit the door. A loud bang brought the attention of everyone else in the group to turn to the door. "Belle!" Jin called out to the girl. Suga stared trying to puzzle out what just happened.  All of a sudden the door opened and Eliza, their hair stylist, was standing there covering her mouth in shock. "Eliza are you trying to kill her again!" Jin shouted as he approached the two females. Suga’s eyes widened in shock did they hate each other? He thought in his head.  "No. This was not an attempt at her life! It was me trying to pull her out of the room with no one noticing" Eliza told Jin. He was looking at Eliza angry. With that explanation Suga chuckled. "Eliza help me up, I can't see out of my right eye" Belle said from the ground grasping at something to help her up. "Oh here let me help you!" Eliza said taking a step forward and tripped over Belle ' s feet and landed right on top of her. "Owe!  Belle I said help me up not fall on me!" Belle exclaimed. "Im sorry" Eliza said as she tried to scramble up off her but she had managed to get her feet tangled up and couldn't stand. Everyone in the room just stared shocked at the pair as they tried to seperated but Eliza was just flopping around like a fish until Belle pushed her off and to the side leaving Eliza on her back right next to Jin ' s feet. "Uh" Jin was staring down at the two as they both laid on their backs. He had no words for what he just witnessed. It was at that moment the door opened barely missing hitting the two girls on the floor. Namjoon and Jimin stood there looking from Jin to the two girls on their backs on the floor. "Um why are they acting like dogs on the floor?" Jimin was the first to comment. "I am not a dog!" Belle exclaimed from the ground. "Okay? The why are you on the floor lying on your back?" Jimin questioned confused. "She did this to me!" Belle called out pointing to Eliza and ending up poking her face. "Owe,  you are so mean to me. No bugolgi for you!" Eliza said. "Fine I won't get you bubble tea!" Belle shot back. All of a sudden they were facing each other and poking at one another " this got weird" Belle said after a minute. At last the guys helped them up off the ground and asked if they were okay. Thankfully they were and Belle's eye wasn't that bad
got to admit these are like little snitbits of comedy lol love it. I hadn't been to sure what scenerio to do, then I had a dream of hitting sarah in the face with a door (by accident I swear!) and realized yes! that was it! lol
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omo what a surprise I wasn't ready for you to post yet lol...I'm still working on kookie monster..hmmm anywho this was too funny.
I'm starting to feel bad for Jin.
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lol good. and yes . . . they all will be soon lol