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Yugyeom POV. I left that girl in the dark, I was so shocked at how she knew who I was, She was so beautiful. I knew from the color of her hair she wasn't Korean. I bet she wonders why I even dance. It was six months ago when I made the decision to dance this way. I'm already a performer, and I've always been interested in sexually dancing for the ladies. BamBam and Jackson are the only ones who know I dance this way. I would be very embarrassed if the whole group and all of iGot7 found out, especially the younger iGot7s. Dani POV. I made my way back to Clair just so confused as to what had just happened. I'm pretty sure he just gave me his number, and that was Kim Yugyeom from GOT7. I knew the boy was a great dancer, but I also have learned what other kind of dancer he is. "Where have you been Dani?!", Clair asked me hysterically. "I was in a private room getting a dance.", I simply replied to her. We soon left the club and went back to our apartment we were staying in for the 4 months we were going to be here in Korea. I sat on the couch replaying the whole night over and over in my mind. I want to text him so bad and get to know him personally. Ironically he is my Got7 Bias. I begin to type the number into my my call log,"Here goes nothing.", I said out loud as it rang. I heard a hello followed by who is this. "Yugyeom its Dani from the club. I wanted to talk you.", I cheered. He replied,"Come over to my place and we can get to know each better."
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