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Hello vinglers! I'm back with my next oneshot starring Oh Sehun of EXO! Enjoy this one because it is very steamy
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Oh, Sehun! You and Sehun were walking home from the park, holding hands, until you got to your apartment complex. "Well, this is where I live. I'll see you soon Sehun!" You said to him. "You too (r/n)." Sehun replied. You walked into your apartment complex and he continues to walk home. Once you got to your apartment, you went to your bedroom, and fell on your bed and went to sleep. You were deep in your sleep until you hear your phone ring. "Hello?" You asked the other person on the line as you answer your phone. "Hey (r/n), I don't think I can make it to my place, I'm too tired to keep walking and I don't have any money. Can I sleep at your place?" Sehun asked. "Okay, I'll prepare you with a blanket and pillow on the couch." You replied. "No way, I'm sleeping in your bed next to you." Sehun replied. "Uhh, ok. Whatever you need honey." You replied. "I need you." Sehun said as he was walking back to your place. "Oh, Sehun, don't you think you're being a little too much on me? Cuz, you're kind of scaring me here." You said to him. "No, I'm just a little tired, that's all!" He replied. "Alright, let me know when you're here, ok?" You asked. "Alright honey I will." He replied. "Bye Sehun!" You said. "Bye!" Sehun said. You hang up the phone and you fell back asleep. Several minutes later, your doorbell rings. You get up, walk out of your room towards the door, and open it. Sehun stood outside your apartment with his hand in his pockets. "Sehun, come in." You told him. He walked into your apartment, you close the door and lock it, and you showed him your bedroom. You both walk in, get on the bed and fall asleep. As you two were sleeping, you started to leak so you went to bathroom and wiped yourself clean. That didn't work, so you went back to bed, and you fell asleep again. Sehun then rose, sniffed himself out of disgust, and went to the bathroom. "Can I use your shower? I stink." Sehun said. "Sure, don't take too long in there." You said. "Alright." He replied. He then went into the bathroom, shut the door behind him and locked it, and then he started the shower water to a satisfying temperature. He then stripped down all the way and got in. You heard the shower running for longer than usual so you get up, put a robe on, and sit near the bathroom door to listen to what was really going on. He was moaning out of pleasure and you rolled your eyes out of disgust. "Sehun, don't stay in there for too long, I don't want you to waste water!" You told him. He shut the water off, put a robe on, and walked out of your bathroom towards you. "Can you massage me?" He asked you. "Uhh, sure, just show me." You replied. He grabbed your hand and placed it on his man pole. You squeeze it and lightly scratch it with your thumb as well as rub it at a very fast pace. It drove him wild. You held him close and he placed his hands around your waist and returned the gesture. You then look at his face and kissed his lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you continue to kiss him. He moves the both of you to the bed and he lays you down and starts to strip you and he takes off his robe. Your eyes crossed when you look at naked Sehun and you shook your head at the thought of him making you his. You wanted him to hurry and he did indeed. He kissed you from your neck, boobs, belly, all the way down to your buns as he licked them all over and you rolled your head from one side to the other. He then poked his tongue up your hole and massaged your insides until your walls closed in on him so he moved it out and he kissed your face and then your lips as he rocked his pelvis on you and slipped his dick inside your hole. He pushed it in harder and harder and you flipped him over and started banging your pelvic bone on his crotch as you still kissed him with passion and love then you slowed down, and he slid his dick out of your hole and you lay down. He kisses your neck and you rub it with both hands and move yourself to where you had the covers over you. He lied down next to you and stared at you sleeping. You look over at him annoyed, so you get under the covers and him and lick his crotch until it was dry, massaging it everywhere, even up between his black cherries. You stopped for a moment, he was wanting more, he begged for it. He stroked your hair and rubbed your neck, pressing his fingers down on your neck, leading back up to his crotch. You then lick his dick again, sucking it and pressing down on it with your teeth, not stopping until it was all dry and covered with your saliva and teeth marks. You then move your head away and went back to sleep. "I'm done oppa!Don't make me do it anymore!" You said in your sleep. "I won't, you have done enough!" Sehun replied. "Good night honey." Sehun said in his sleep. "Good night Sehun." You replied. You both were silent as you slept for the rest of the night.
Alright guys! I hope you all enjoyed it! This is my third submission for the EXO fanfic contest hosted by @SarahVanDorn. More info here: if you want to submit one in as well, do it by 9/19! She won't take any more submissions after that date!
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