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Act V Featuring the fallen angel, Malthael the Angel of Death, as the main antagonist. Story taken place at Westmarch. Crusader Class Looks like the Paladin of Diablo 3, with much emphasis on its armor and shield. "Tank made in Human Form" is what they call it. Loot 2.0 Legendaries gets a boost in both stat & drop rate. Legendary drops will also feature more of an emphasis on modifying the skills of characters, encouraging players to think further about the way they spec their characters. Blizzard is also introducing Loot Runs, a randomly-generated 15-20 minute dungeon which promises lucrative riches if completed. Level Cap increased to 70 & Paragon Cap is GONE. You can technically have a level 9999999 character now Not much has been said of PVP.
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@brnkng the hype and expectations for D3 was little overboard... times have changed and theres just too many alternatives even in terms of genre... I just cannot think of anything truly innovative that blizzard could have done to meet angry interweb's expectation :/
@Brnkng lol you are quite the writer
So many embittered Blizzard fans....once a happy and optimistic people, left betrayed and seemingly abandoned. It was a dark era of panda hatred, auction house rage, and overall boredom. But brightness began to shine hopeful rays of light as the Crusader entered the world, demolishing the corrupt Auction House and bringing with him a large bag of shiny, class relevant loot. Is this Crusader the harbinger of Blizzard's former glory?
You won't be fooling me twice, Blizzard.
lower your expectations and you wont get burned lol
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