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Here is my entry onshot for the contest :) I hope you all will like it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When she woke, she felt him move next to her saddened that this was the last time she'll see him, she moved quietly out of the bed to find her clothes, leaving so soon? He asked, she sighed I have to. as she continued with what she was doing, he got up to stop her please, dont leave. He said grabbing her arm, he sounded sad, but she knew she had to leave him. we cant do this, what if they find out? she said moving his arm away I dont care if they do, I dont care, I just want to be with you! He said, she shook her head I just… I cant do this she said trying to push him away. He followed her to the door, please…I love you he said to her, she stopped I… -two months prior- Come one guys, Exolution isnt going to work itself I said to the tired boys. Aish, Noona my legs are going to fall off soon The maknae complain Sehun ah, you need to get better I smiled. Finish Call Me Baby then you guys can break for lunch I said they all cheered as I smiled They been through so much the last year, Tao just had left as well, just months after their comeback, I felt bad for the boys. Theyve been working really hard. Especially him… Alright boys, lets end it for now, okay? I asked they all nodded, eat well I yelled after them. As they all either mumbled or yelled back. I walked to the front of the practice room and turned the stereo off. Youre overworking them He said coming back into the room. Well I dont then who will? I said turning around to look at Him. But still, some of them are still coping he said I sighed and nodded Yixing, they all need to focus, and get stronger. I said. He got closer y/n, I.. He trailed off I only looked at him, I admit I like him, like a lot, but how would that look that an Idol is dating one of their choreographers, I dont that would look good. Yixing I said he only came closer and put a finger to my lips, I felt my heartbeat skip a beat as he closed the gap between us. Y/N, I never had the chance to tell you how much of a good dancer you are, it turns me on watching you. He said, I couldnt believe what he was saying. Wait...what? I said, he gave me his half smile, enough to where his dimple comes out. I closed my eyes and took a breath real slow, I felt his lips on mine, we moved in sync letting the lust behind get carried away as he lifted me up while I wrapped my legs around him. Yixing I said I between kisses What is it baby? He said looking at me. I like you I said to him. He smiled and placed me back on the ground I like you too, ever since I first met you he said I smiled. That was three years ago when they first debuted. I was very proud of them, I was a trainee with the choreographers then. I was introduced to the oldest of EXO since I was the same age as them, Me, Minseok, and Luhan got along and became friends, Yifan didnt really like me, Junmyeon didnt really seem to be bothered but he didnt say much to me, and Yixing, my heart beating as fast as it could every time I seen him. Its relieving to know he felt the same. Lets go on a date Y/N. He said smiling, feeling unsure about I nodded. It shouldnt hurt to go on one date should it? -Present Day Before- We got serious after a couple months, to the point where we slept in the same bed, hed sneak out from the dorm to my apartment and stay the night, we lost to each other for the first time. But one this on specific day was when the real hardships and sneaking around started. Im sorry Y/N, but this dating with Yixing needs to stop, what if you guys get found out? His reputation will be ruined all because of a dance trainer The president said. I only nodded knowing that this sort of thing could happen. I loved him, but I didnt want to ruin his image, it lingered in the back of my head. I understand, thank you for your time President Lee. I bowed and left back down to the dance room. I felt lost and worried, we needed to end this, two months wasnt very long but I knew I found my reason to live, my reason to face reality, I really loved Yixing. Hey beautiful I smiled at Yixing, but feeling sad after what Sooman just said to me. Come over tonight, the guys are all going out He said I nodded knowing that this break up was going to hurt like hell. -Present Day- Please… I love you he said. I… Love you too Yixing, but we cant be together, we just cant I said, I didnt want to turn atoundas I was about to cry. Baby, just look at me please he begged, I turned around to see him kneeling on one knee. I immediately covered my mouth. Marry Me He said, tears welled up in my eyes. He sat there waiting for my answer. He sighed Y/N, Ive loved you ever since I first met you, my heart ached for you everyday since then, but I knew, I knew you needed to be my wife. I know it has only been a couple months, but Im not going anywhere, no matter who knows about us, they cant keep up apart. So please Y/N marry me, be my wife. He asked again. Tears were falling at this point. He was right nothing could tear us apart. I smiled and held my hand out, Yes, Yixing Ill marry you I said laughing. He smiled and got up and hugged me. She said yes!! He yelled into the dorm. I heard yelling and cheering as I thought there was no one home yet. A year went by, we were happily married, no one knew just EXO and Luhan. I felt happy and in a blissful moment, until one day, a certain news article came up, and let me tell you.. The fans and the President were not happy. EXOs Lay married to non celebrity. Photos show proof of the twos elope That day was when everything hit the fan.
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That ending gave me heart problems. Everything hit the fan what do you mean? Lay don't leave me. P.S this was really good I liked how you did this.
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It was really well done, it made me want more I did not see him proposing so I also like that twist.
Amazing!! 😁
can you tag me in your stories and stuff please
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thank you
😱😱 Oh no!!!! the story good job on it ❤❤❤
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Thank you
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