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Hi peoples! So, still working on my other story, but I saw @SarahVanDorn 's contest and decided to just go for it. So, this is my first one-shot and my first Exo fic so I hope it goes well and I hope you enjoy. It's fluffy (or mostly fluffy) just like my Exo bias ;)
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Word Count: 1448
I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful sight before me. He was still asleep, his heart-shaped lips slightly parted as he breathed in and out, in and out. I watched the sheets move as his bare chest expanded with an inhale and again when it constricted at his exhale. I brought my hand up slowly so as not to move the bed. Kyungsoo had always been a light sleeper. He would sometimes crash at my place after a night of movies, chocolate, and popcorn. Usually, we fell asleep together on the couch. One movement or noise and he was awake, his eyelashes fluttering open slowly, making my heart flutter as well. But not this time. This time, I was going to enjoy every second. Because today was a new day.
*Last Night*
“Yah! Gina! Your boyfriend is cheating!” Chanyeol called from the living room.
“He’s not my boyfriend” / “I’m not her boyfriend” Kyungsoo and I said at the same time. I fought the blush that threatened to appear. Not that it would matter anyway. The four boys were in the living room and I was in the mostly enclosed kitchen cutting fruit for snacks.
“He might as well be,” Baekhyun responded. {I wish.}
“Anyway, that’s not the point!” Chanyeol yelled indignantly. “Your boyfriend, best friend, or whatever keeps purposely bumping into me while I’m driving.” I giggled. These grown men acted like children.
“Well, if you would stop moving in front of me and blocking the screen, I wouldn’t push you,” Kyungsoo stated matter-of-factly.
“It’s not my fault you’re short,” Chanyeol shot back.
There was resounding ‘OOOOooooooo’. I sighed. Was I going to have to save Chanyeol from a chokehold again? I walked to the edge of the kitchen with a peeled apple in one hand and a knife in the other.
“Gina’s got a knife!” Kai yelled pretending to be scared.
“Why are you both so violent,” Baekhyun complained.
“Watch it,” I said while laughing, “or I’ll sick Soo-oppa on you.”
“The couple that slays together—“ Chanyeol started before getting playfully punched in the stomach by Kyungsoo. I smiled.
“I’m almost finished with the snacks so try to not kill each other for another couple minutes, yeah?”
“Hey, he’s the one trying to kill me,” Chanyeol said.
“We all know you ask for it,” Kyungsoo retorted. Everyone laughed in agreement.
I went back to the kitchen and finished cutting the fruit. Then I was back in the living room, tray in hand. Baekhyun quickly scurried to the other couch in order to leave me with a spot next to Kyungsoo. I threw a playful glare at him. Baekhyun had somehow managed to figure out my feelings for Kyungsoo even before I had figured it out. He had promised to keep it a secret, even though he said that I should just tell Kyungsoo. But how could I tell my best friend of three years that I’d been in love with him for at least two of those years.
Kyungsoo had never given any indication that he liked me as more than friends, so I wasn’t inclined to destroy that. And it was okay most of the time. I could stay close to him while loving him from afar. I’d rather have my one-sided love than lose it all.
I leaned over to the small coffee table in the middle and speared a piece of fruit. The boys were still racing so none of them had even looked at the tray. I took the fruit and placed it in front of Kyungsoo’s already opened mouth. I swear, he always knew what I was going to do even before I did it. He took a bite and looked away from the screen long enough to eye-smile at me. My heart skipped a beat. I loved/hated when he did stuff like that. He had no idea what he did to me.
Baekhyun opened his mouth with an “ahhhh”. I speared another slice and was about to feed it to him when Kyungsoo grabbed my hand. He pulled it to him and ate the fruit.
“Hey!” Baekhyun cried out indignantly.
“Only I get to be fed by GiGi,” Kyungsoo declared, his eyes never leaving the screen. Baekhyun looked at me and winked. I made a ‘kill’ gesture against my throat but tried to keep it from being so obvious.
“Our little Kyungsoo is a little possessive don’t you think?” Kai teased. Kyungsoo didn’t answer. Another hour passed like this, all of us taking turns at the game. Finally, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Kai said they had to leave. They had an early econ test the next morning. Kyungsoo was going to stay and watch movies until we passed out again. I walked the three to the door. Chanyeol and Kai went straight to the car while Baekhyun lingered behind. I could tell he wanted to say something again, probably about Kyungsoo. I stepped out onto the porch and closed the door behind me.
“Just tell him,” he said.
“That’s easy for you to say.” I had run through the scenario a thousand times; I had even dreamed about it a couple times. Every time, it ended with Kyungsoo apologizing, him feeling too awkward and leaving, and the two of us not speaking again. I wouldn’t be able to take that.
“Just trust me. Tell him.” At his last words, the door opened. Kyungsoo was there with Chanyeol’s wallet in his hands. My heart stopped. {Tell me he didn’t hear anything.}
“Tell who what?” Kyungsoo asked, his big eyes looking between the two of us. I panicked.
“Nothing!” I cut off Baekhyun. I quickly snatched Chanyeol’s wallet, handed it to Baekhyun, and then ushered him off the porch. I pushed Kyungsoo back inside the house and shut the door behind us. Kyungsoo looked at me with a frown. I knew he hated it when I kept secrets from him, but I couldn’t say. I smiled back at him and rushed back to the couch. “So what movie do we start with?”
Halfway through the movie, I just happened to look at Kyungsoo. Our eyes locked and my heart started racing. This time seemed different than our usual glances, but I couldn’t say exactly why. Maybe it was because of how intensely Kyungsoo was staring at me.
“What were you two talking about?” he asked quickly.
“Nothing important.” One of his hands reached up and cupped my face. His thumb rested on the corner of my eye.
“You know I can always tell when you’re lying, right? Your eye twitches so subtly, right here.” I looked away. He was right. But I didn’t want him to read me. He lowered his hand to his lap. “Were the guys telling the truth?” Startled, I looked up at him. “Are love with me?”
My eyes grew wide. “D—did Baek tell you?”
“So it’s true?” My breathing stuttered. Now he knew...
“I...I’m sorry.” I stood up. Without warning, I was pulled back to the couch. I landed straddling Kyungsoo’s lap, one of his hands holding mine, the other on my waist. I took in a sharp breath. {What’s going on?}
“How long?” His eyes bored into me and I couldn’t seem to look away.
“I—I—don’t know exactly. I f-figured it out t-two y-years ago.” {This is the part where he tells me he’s sorry.} Instead, both of his hands gripped the sides of my face.
“Two years? Then...I win.” And then his lips were on mine. My eyes fluttered closed. It was pure fire. Everything I’d been hiding poured itself into that kiss. The kiss became more and the night grew long.
*Present time*
My hand slowly traced his face without actually touching him. I didn’t want to wake him up. I went for a second run-through. This time, though, my thumb accidentally touched the corner of his eyebrow. His face twitched for a second before becoming still again. I stifled a giggle. I continued down his face before reaching his lips. His beautiful heart-shaped lips that I’d longed to kiss for so long. And now they were mine. I couldn’t help myself; I ran my thumb along his lips. I saw the corners of his mouth twitch like he was trying to keep from smiling. This brat was awake.
“How long have you been awake?” I asked, playfully pouting.
“Since before you woke up,” he said with a silly grin, his eyes finally opening. I felt myself getting lost in his eyes. “I love you,” he spoke lowly, his voice still gravelly from sleep.
I smiled, happier than I’d ever been. “I love you too.”
So, I hope that was alright. Let me know what you think. I won't get hurt. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me if you would like to be tagged. I hope you enjoyed the story. And to all the other writers submitting: FIGHTING!!!
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This was so cute holy mother of all.
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