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Life has been busy, been trying to catch up in school and get a good routine. I feel so bad that I haven't been posting to BTOB. Oh my heartu. So today I spam you with at least 3 days!
Minhyuk, Minhyuk, Minhyuk. Lee Minhyuk. LEE MINHYUK. 이민혁 My suqishy squish.
It all started with watching their BTOB diary. I still didn't know who all the members were. But this face stood out to me. He was always smiling his dorky toothy smile. I knew who Ilhoon was thanks to Hyuna, but Minhyuk was always on Ilhoon.
When BTOB got announced for KCON NY my heart dropped cause I had just gotren into them and wanted to see them. This didn't make my love die, no. It made it flurish. Minhyuk became Squishy in that time frame because he is the ultimate squish.
Don't worry Lauren! I screamed and cried for everyone who couldn't see them at KCON NY! 💙💙 Seriously.... I was bawling. 😂
I sure hope they go to LA next year. Thank you for representing us Steph.
My daughter was so excited that he squeezed her hand at KCon
That's amazing.