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You raised me well Alongside your man my father Til you guys could no more Taught me that women are Queens and Princesses And required to be treated like that always That falling in love could possibly be the most amazing thing next to food. Showed me that fights only last a night when handled correctly I'm grown now and there's curves I'm learning myself These bends and turns make her curves worth the journey. Mom has me. But now I'm heavy and useless She had me Mama why didn't you warn me Warn me when a girl has your heart She is a very powerful lady An inspiring muse Powerful enough to make dream drive ambition Fulfill goals Build empires for her Why didn't you tell me she's also powerful enough to destroy me I confessed my love And she owned me. It felt amazing A euphoria you wish lasts forever. Now sit here crowded and alone Now I know why our rnb music changed from love and romance to sex and booty calls Its the only way to enjoy a high And temporarily run from low For a moment feel fulfilled And remember what it was like to feel whole Mama you should of warned me The freedom in being known by her A thrill of a lifetime A point of no return Now this piece I can't carry I don't even know me