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Who: Reader x Kim Jongdae
What: Smut, Smut, Smut, Angst, dramatic af

Warning: intended for mature audience only (18+) Viewer discretion is advised.

Chapter 4
Story: Ah boyfriend troubles, he's sleeping with his secretary so you sleep with his best friend. Because life's more delicious behind deceit and lies, right...
You sat at the table of the coffee house alone. He was supposed to be there soon and butterflies were rushing through your stomach. You kept tapping the tea cup in front of you. The sound of your nails hitting it sent you into a sort of trance as you remembered everything that had gone on a week ago. You had a doctors appointment scheduled but you told Jongdae that you had to let him know first. Even if the baby might not be his you had to at least let Minseok know. He sounded so happy when you called him up finally, after what was now four weeks of silence. He said he'd meet you, it sounded like he had a lot of work to do so you told him you could meet him when he wasn't busy but he said no. He would come to see you, no matter what, he was going to be at the coffee shop. His eagerness to see you again sent you into small tears once he hung up. You figured it was a mistake but hearing his voice again made you so happy and so broken at the same time. Jongdae had told you not to do it, he told you he'd come with you and he was but he got called into a meeting that ran over. He'd have a late lunch today. So here you were alone, waiting for your ex to walk through the door so you could tell him that you were with child but you weren't sure if it was his or his best friend's, or rather ex-best friend's. Minseok's jealousy streak was unpredictable so perhaps it was best that Jongdae hadn't shown up at all. The last thing you needed was to deal with those two fighting and the way Minseok was, it wouldn't just be a verbal fight.
"Baby girl." you heard behind you.
You snapped back into reality and a shiver went down your spine. Hearing his voice so hopeful was going to kill you. Jongdae and you weren't even in a relationship, you two were just sleeping together but he was so sure he had feelings for you, going back to Minseok would break his heart. You had told him you weren't sure just yet because all of your feelings for Minseok were still there. You were angry at him but you still loved him. Three years didn't get erased in just four weeks and Jongdae knew that but still he was trying so hard to push Minseok out of your heart to make way for himself. You liked Jongdae you really did but Minseok was once the love of your life and for the past three months that you knew he was cheating, your anger just built up and then was suppressed by not only sleeping with Jongdae but also Minseok. You didn't deal with any of it you just over shadowed it with other things, your love for him and his body and your love for Jongdae's body kept you from lashing out. His body was amazing too, firm, toned, smooth and his movements were powerful, he was just amazing. You were trying to find something deeper than a physical value though, it's not like you needed to be in a relationship at all anyway. You didn't need to use Jongdae as a rebound and you certainly didn't need to go back to Minseok but you sure as hell were thinking about it.
You didn't answer Minseok when he called to you, he ended up walking around the table to face you and sat down. He looked like he hadn't slept in a while which only made you feel bad. You looked down so you didn't show the amount of guilt running on your face.
"It's only been four weeks and I feel like I haven't seen you in a year. Did you get the bear and flowers?" he asked.
You nodded trying to fight back tears, remembering how you two got here didn't help. It made it worse.
"Don't cry baby." he said softly.
He reached over and lifted your head so that you'd look at him.
"I've missed you so much, I know you won't smile at me but please don't cry. That's not the face I want to see." he said sweetly.
You sat up and that separated your chin from his hand. You used the napkin to wipe away the tears that had escaped your eyes. You didn't want to be there anymore you wanted to go but you still had to tell him what was going on, you also had to ask him something.
"Before I get to why I called you can I ask you something?" You said.
He nodded, he looked so worn down you wondered how things were going at work for him, perhaps he was in trouble or being run down by clients to the point that he wasn't getting much sleep.
"Did you ask Sin Hye to get an abortion?" You asked.
He looked at you slightly hurt that you had to ask him that but he had said some cruel things about the baby, you couldn't put it past him. He looked down and sighed, he grabbed your hands gently and you let them lay there, palm to palm.
"Baby girl that kid was never mine." He said.
"What do you mean?"
"A guy named Oh Sehun came up to me a few days before she got the abortion. He said he knew about us having an affair, I assumed he was one of Jongdae's co workers I didn't know about or maybe even your's but no she was seeing a third man while blackmailing me and dating Jongdae."
"That doesn't make any sense."
"It does when you think about the common denominator between the three of us. Sehun is just a kid but he likes older women so he easily bent to her will, he's a rich kid. He's successful and smart which made him the perfect target for her. Same with Jongdae, good looking, smart and big bank account."
"Same thing with you." You said realizing how much more of a whore she truly was.
"They slept together with no protection at all. We used protection every time, that's why when she told me I didn't believe her at first because I didn't recall a broken condom or sleeping with her without a condom at all. I think the only reason she got rid of the baby was because there was nothing for her to gain. Jongdae wouldn't take her back, you left me so there was no need to blackmail me any more and then Sehun's trust fund was closed by his father so that she knew she couldn't get any money out of him. At that point there's really no reason to keep a baby when the real father is broke and then there's me who she was trying trick into believing was the father but I found out the truth. That damn baby was never mine to begin with Y/N I would never want to do that to you. " he explained.
"But you did, we both did it to each other I know but you were the one who shot first, you were the one that drew first blood and killed what we were. Three years of being with you and you acted like it was nothing." You said upset and crying.
"Baby girl you know I loved you more than anything."
"Then you should've trusted me Minseok. Just because I was working with my ex didn't mean I was going to cheat on you that's a half assed excuse to screw someone else. "
"I know."
"Everything is so broken. Do you realize if you had just asked me I would've told you? In fact I did tell you as soon as I found out."
"Two days later." He tried to correct you.
"That is when I fucking found out Minseok. I hadn't seen him until I ran into him on the elevator. He was going through procedures those two days. Even Junmyeon didn't tell me he saw him because he knew it would upset me. Your jealousy was always fun to play off of when it came to the bedroom but you let it go too far and now we're here. Two ex's, both cheaters and both more broken than what our physical appearance will show."
You said wiping at angry tears again. You had broken up with him because her getting pregnant was the finally straw. He had been so rough with you that night because he was jealous and he didn't want you to leave, he was angry that you allowed Jongdae to touch you. You were angry that he even glanced at Sin Hye and you weren't even the jealous type.
"Y/N you know I love you." Minseok said.
"Minseok, I'm pregnant." You said frustrated.
Minseok looked taken aback for a moment, of all the times he used a condom he must've forgotten the two nights he hadn't. He stood up and you looked down thinking he was going to walk away. He was the one to say let's make a family and you had repeatedly told him not to cum inside you but not only did he not listen to you, he kept doing it. He was part of the reason you were even in this situation.
You felt his hands cup your face and raise your head so that he could kiss you. He kissed you hard but lovingly at the same time. Your hands went to his and you jerked back slightly as your attempt not to give in to him but you did any way. He kissed you with too much passion for you to deny or let go of him. When you realized what you were doing to yourself, you pushed him from you and caught your breath,
"Minseok wait, I don't know if you're the father yet." You said.
He pulled back for a second,
"What do you mean? It could be Jongdae's?" He asked.
You nodded silently and he straightend up. His hand wiped over his mouth like he was fighting off the urge to throw something. He sat back down,
"I don't understand, you told me you never let cum inside you."
"Condoms break Minseok." You said repeating the same words he gave you from that night.
"So what, after leaving me you went straight to him? I've been thinking of ways to earn your forgiveness and you're still screwing him? Y/N I know I hurt you but why- are you just letting three years slip through the cracks like we never mattered to each other?"
"You're one to talk Minseok. Jongdae was there for me; we're not together any more so yeah we slept together. The only reason I'm here now is because if by some chance this baby is yours I need to know what you want to do."
"I want to be with you Y/N, the both of you."
"I don't think that's a good idea, if you want to be in the baby's life that's fine but I don't want to be with you again."
"You're lying, I can see it in your eyes. You still love me baby girl, people have cheated before and they've made it out okay. They fixed the relationship and have lived good together. We can still fix everything."
"No." You said.
"Baby have you made a doctors appointment yet?" He asked.
You nodded,
"Let me take you." He said.
"No Jongdae is taking me."
"Let me come baby girl. I'll drive on my own and just meet you there, just tell me when and where."
"You can't just come and tell me that you may be pregnant with my child and then not let me be involved. You'd let Jongdae do so much for you even if it was mine, just let me come baby."
"Alright Minnie!" You said accidentally saying his nickname.
He smiled, his smile wasn't as bright as it used to be but he was happy you'd let him come. If it wasn't his baby though would he leave you alone? Minseok checked his watch and stood up; he told you to text him everything so that he could meet up with you at the doctors office. Depending on how far along you were you would know whose it was. You and Minseok had been separated for four weeks now and only a week and a half ago did Jongdae's condom break. If you were only about a week into it then it was Jongdae's; if you were further along then that it was Minseok's. If it was Minseok's you worried if you had done some damage already. You drank the night of game night, what if you were already pregnant by then? Then there was the morning after pill that you took, granted you took it a little late but what if something happened to it? Maybe it was Jongdae's and there was nothing to worry about but you couldn't be too sure just yet. Minseok stood up and kissed you before he left and he snuck a quick kiss on your neck. That only made you want him, he knew how to work you.
You got back to the apartment later on that day and Jongdae was slightly annoyed.
"I told you not to tell him, he's going to try and get you back."
"I know but he deserved to know, I guess he deserves to be there when we find out as well."
"Here's one thing I can say that was a benefit from finding out about their cheating. I know how much of a gold digging whore Sin Hye is. To think I was so head over heels in love with her." He said annoyed.
"Jongdae how do you feel about me, I mean honestly? You two were together for a solid two years and you said you didn't love her any more just after three months. I still love Minseok I can't help that but I like you. I just don't think I can trust how I feel right now, how can you" You asked.
He looked at you,
"I say I don't love her because I'm upset at her, I'm upset that she could just spread her legs for anyone just for the sake of a good time or the amount of zeros on their fucking pay check. I hate her for purring I love yous when she didn't mean it once. I hate her because I loved her and sometimes I still do. It's wrong for me to fall in love with you, it just is because we're both just so messed up right now but I like you Y/N. That's something I can trust, I may not be head over heels in love like you were with Minseok, not just yet anyway but I do like you a lot. I think I could be a good dad and an even better boyfriend if you just let me." He said.
He climbed on the bed next to you, you were once again in his shirt with nothing on below except for your underwear. He nuzzled his head into your neck and said,
"I think you're really sexy Princess. All I want to do right now is lay you out on this bed and fuck you until you fall asleep."
"Now that is an arrangement I can get behind." You said with a little smirk.
Jongdae chuckled and his arm crossed your body so that he could reach your waist. He kissed you slowly and laid you down on the bed gently,
"I wonder what's it's like to hear you beg Princess. I want to hear you beg for me tonight or I won't let you cum. I'll let you watch me cum all over this sexy body but I won't give you what you want."
"Fuck that's so sexy Sunshine." You breathed.
Jongdae chuckled,
"How can you treat a pregnant woman like this?" You said.
"Simple Princess, I'm your Sunshine in the streets but I'm your monster in the sheets."
You laughed at him as he ripped his shirt off of you and then went for your panties. He pulled those off and his mouth went to work crashing over your already wet folds. Your hand shot down to tangle in his hair and your back arched up in pleasure. For the rest of the night you were lost in Jongdae's arms.
The day of your doctor's appointment Minseok showed up at the hospital right after you and Jongdae while you two were in the waiting room. Jongdae was kissing your hand and just as his other hand reached for your belly Minseok had cleared his throat startling the both of you. Jongdae stared at Minseok, not much hate was in his eyes but it was more like he didn't care about his existence. These two were best friends, they were supposed to have each other's backs yet both had betrayed the other. This entire situation was a mess this poor child, whom ever its father was, it was going to have so much drama in its life to deal with. Minseok had sat down on your other side, he sat there quietly. The atmosphere between all of you was awkward, it was certainly less problematic than you thought it would be. When you were called back to the exam room the guys came with you. Jongdae had let go of your hand so you could put them in your pocket and Minseok took the opportunity to place his hand on your waist. The gentle touch was nothing that bothered you but the stir in your heart was.
The doctor came into the room with her clip board, looking through the papers on it. Jongdae was holding your hand and Minseok had his arm wrapped around the back of the exam chair, he had purposely been avoiding contact with you aside from touching your waist. You weren't sure if it was for your comfort or if it was because he didn't want to get his hopes up that the baby was his. You never even stated who you wanted to be the father. You weren't even sure that you cared who the father was you were more worried about what the hell you would do with the baby. You had a tiny apartment and no room for an extra soul, there was nothing wrong with the baby staying in your room but you also had work and you had Jongdae to think about. If it was his baby then it would cause him a little trouble; if it was Minseok's baby he may have hope that you two would get back together and you weren't sure that's what you wanted. On first emotional impulse, that's what you wanted but logically you weren't sure that was the best idea even if mommy and daddy living under the same roof to raise a baby seemed like a good idea, it didn't work when mommy was heart broken from when daddy cheated on her with his best friend's girlfriend. It didn't help that mommy had done the same thing rather than just face him when he did it. Everything was a mess that's all that was going on through your head at the moment.
"Well Ms. Y/L/N you are indeed pregnant and it seems you'll be five weeks soon."
You had come in after you found out that you were pregnant for a blood test so this appointment was scheduled right after you had received the call from the doctor that your results had come back in.
"Congratulations, who's the father?" She asked.
"Uh," you looked to Minseok.
"Congratulations dad." She said with a smile.
He smiled back and thanked her, you could simultaneously feel Jongdae's hand loosen its grip. You turned to Jongdae and mouthed the words for 'I'm sorry'. He gave you a soft smile and he kissed you on top of your head. The doctor began to run off a list of things you want to be careful of while you were pregnant some of the more obvious things like smoking, drinking, taking any medication before consulting a doctor and then some not so obvious things that you weren't even aware of having to be careful of while pregnant. She addressed both Jongdae and Minseok telling them to both be mindful of you. Don't give you any stress, don't let you be on your feet too much once you get into your later months of pregnancy. After the entire break down and her examining you, you asked both doctor Song and Jongdae to give you a moment alone with Minseok. They left quietly and you sat there with him in silence for about a good two minutes just trying to think of the first words you were going to say to him.
"How do you know I'm the father?" He asked.
"I went back and did some calulations, besides Jongdae was the only other guy I slept with and his condom broke only a few weeks after me and you broke up. Based off what she said, if it was Jongdae's I wouldn't be close to five weeks I would be less."
"You're not happy I'm the father." He stated more as a fact rather than a question.
"Minseok this doesn't change anything and honestly I wouldn't be in this mess if you had just listened to me and stopped. At the very least if you were going to do that you should've used protection."
"Baby girl I'm sorry." he said gently touching your shoulder.
"Minseok you hurt me.You hurt me everyday you slept with her instead of just telling me what you did. You hurt me that night when I told you stop, I told you it hurt and you kept doing it. So no, I'm not happy you're the father." You said upset.
You were crying again, silently this time. He had slowly reached his hand out to gently touch your cheek. He cupped the other half of your face and dipped his head down to kiss you softly. He then pulled your head into his chest,
"I love you so much baby girl. I don't even know where to start to make up for everything I've done to you."
"I'm not going to keep you away from your child but if you just walk out on it I won't chase you down either."
You got off the examine table and walked out of the room while drying your eyes. You cursed to yourself for enjoying how much he touched you. It was all still familiar and fresh in your mind.
The next four months was spent between you and Minseok dealing with each other, trying to come to agreements about what to do with the baby, it was close to figuring out what the gender of the baby was. You had an appointment to get another ultrasound done soon. Minseok wanted to come with you and you didn't refuse because you felt as the father he had the right to go and not only find out the gender but see the ultrasound. You hated how cold that gel was though. You were happy that you still weren't showing, most people at the office didn't even believe you were pregnant until you started bringing odd combinations of food to work, still you were only really five months you didn't think you'd be that big anyway. You recalled your mother didn't look like she was pregnant until she was seven months by then it was kind of like what's the point? You noticed your weight gain just recently but you were also exercising appropriately so you didn't freak out about it so much. You we're bummed some of your favorite outfits weren't fitting you so much anymore.
Then there was Jongdae, while you and Minseok were trying to peacefully coexist for the sake of the baby on the way it seemed like Jongdae was trying to push you more towards Minseok. It was an odd change of attitude that you thought came from the fact that you were having his baby but everything went so back and forth with him you weren't sure what he was thinking. One night he'd come home with you and ask you if it was okay to put his hands all over you and then the next day he would ask if you still loved Minseok, he'd say he was trying so hard to get you back that maybe you should give him another chance. Jongdae didn't say that he had feelings for you any more and even though he still attended the doctor appointments with you and Minseok it felt like he was slowly cutting himself off from you bit by bit.
You were in your room when he walked in without a shirt on, you were reading a book when you happened to look up and see him staring at you
"Hey Sunshine." You smiled at him.
"Hi Princess." He smiled brightly.
He came over to the bed crawling onto it until he was hovering just above your legs. You set the book down on the desk by the bed and looked at him with a soft smile wondering what he was up to.
"What?" You asked.
"A romance novel Y/N,really?" He said taking notice of your genre of choice.
"Well what, it's so dead around here I need some way to past the time."
"You could past the time with me Princess." He grinned.
"Hm, what did you have in mind?" You said suggestive, you already knew exactly what he was getting at though.
"Take off your shorts." He said.
His voice was slightly more commanding than normal and you really liked it. You were wearing his shirt again, you hadn't given it back to him yet, you honestly didn't intend to considering he'd ripped most of the buttons off of the shirt. You only had two buttons left on the shirt and both were on the bottom of it. Your purple laced bra was showing through the shirt. You sat up on your knees and pushed your thumbs into the fabric and wiggled your hips until your shorts were down. You switched how you were sitting so you could slip off your shorts and you tossed them to the side. You saw Jongdae lick his lips before he grabbed your calves and yanked you to the edge of the bed. He then turned you so that you were laying across the bed long ways and your head was facing the door. He got on his knees and situated himself in between you legs. His tongue teased your clit through your panties,
"You're already so wet just from a book Y/N do you get horny off of anything?" he said.
"That's mean, some of the stuff she wrote is really good." you said.
"Better than the real thing?"
"Let's test that." he said with a grin.
He practically ripped off your panties which excited you beyond belief, it was amazing how quick he was moving and how rough he was being with you. He licked you up and down making sloppy wet sounds as he did. Your hands went into his hair but he grabbed them and pushed them into the bed. Your legs were already propped on his shoulder so he lifted up while he continued to lick you and your lower half began to raise up into the air while he ate you. His hand released yours so that he could hold your butt steady as he stood up with your head pressed into the bed and you were moaning uncontrollably. His tongue moved in and out of you and then he flattened it out to lick all of you. There was a loud knock that came from the main door which made Jongdae stop.
"No, no please don't get it, it's probably just the mail." you whined.
Jongdae looked down at you and chuckled,
"It felt that good? I'm hoping to give you something much better. I'll be back in a second Princess." he said.
He laid your butt back down on the bed and you exhaled disappointed. That was awesome, you'd never been eaten out from that angle before. It was driving you nuts because you wanted to hold on to him by his hair but you couldn't reach him so you had to settle for gripping the bed sheets. Jongdae ordered you to stay laying where you were and not to move your position. He walked out and you hadn't heard any talking, maybe whoever it was didn't stay. Jongdae came back in and smiled at you before he kissed you hard and made you taste your self on his tongue. Your stomach coiled as your heart began to race and you could feel his middle finger push right into you. You bucked your hips and moaned into his mouth with his curled middle finger hitting the best spot ever. Jongdae finally released your lips and you laid your head back against the bed with your eyes closed marveling in the sensation of his middle finger now having company with two other fingers. They pushed roughly inside you but he was moving oddly slow. His tongue went back to lightly teasing your clit with little licks and making circles on the sensitive nub. You were a moaning mess before you heard Jongdae chuckle and then lift his head up from your dripping heat.
"Open your eyes Princess. Look around." he said.
You slowly opened your eyes to see Minseok standing there looking at you with dark eyes. There was a mixture of lust and jealousy and you didn't know what was going on. You looked to Jongdae as you sat up. He looked amused by Minseok's face but you were not happy about this at all.
"Jongdae what are you doing?" you said upset.
"Lay back down Princess or you won't get to cum today. I only invited him in because he said he needed to talk to you. Go ahead Minseok, talk to her. You know she likes it when someone watches her as she has sex? She really gets off on it." He said taking his attention from you to Minseok.
Minseok looked to Jongdae annoyed then back to you. Jongdae told you to lay back again and when you didn't he yanked you by your legs and you fell back against the bed.
He hovered over your body and kissed your neck and you begged for him to be inside you already. Jongdae only let out a low chuckle. He was right though you were getting off on the fact that Minseok was watching but what was Jongdae thinking? Was he thinking at all? He kissed you hard and you could feel his hands move back down your body. He took the last two buttons off the shirt you were wearing and opened it. He sighed at your exposed upper half.
"So sexy Princess, Minseok didn't you have something to say to her?" he looked up at Minseok as he lowered to your body to kiss you,
"Y/N-" he started but he just couldn't finish.
"Stop touching her." he said looking at Jongdae.
"Well we were in the middle of something when you stopped by so you can either join in or say what you need to say and leave." Jongdae said.
His tongue went back between your legs and he kept pushing it in and out of you.
"Fuck, Jongdae please." you said trying to beg him for more.
"Y/N?" Minseok said.
You looked up at Minseok helpless. You reached out to him to grab him but when Jongdae nibbled at your clit your hand fell short and came to his head. You let out a cry,
"Jong- dae." you said through a shuddering body.
"Are you going to come already Sunshine? Come here, I think Minseok wants to try." he said.
He kissed you again and lifted your body off the bed. He sat behind you and opened up your shirt even more but left it on you. He messaged your breast through your bra and kissed your neck melting you completely. His had came back down between your legs while the other one slipped under your bra to grab your nipple. His tongue came behind the back of your ear making you gasp. Your eyes opened and you saw Minseok staring at you with even darker eyes. You were a mess and having him watch you like this made you even more of a mess.
"Minseok come taste her. I'm sure you remember how to touch her. Let's make her scream." Jongdae said.
You half turned to look at Jongdae but when you felt the bed sink you looked back to see that Minseok had climbed on and was wrapping his arms around your naked legs. He teasingly licked around your entrance. You bucked your hips up into his face to get more. He pulled back and opened your legs wider. He pushed one side down with his hand and then used his elbow to push down the other thigh. He began to finger you, making you moan louder, his mouth came down on your clit sucking on it while he fingered you faster. Simultaneously, Jongdae was kissing your neck and offering long lingering licks while he tugged and pinched on your nipples.
"Sounds like you're loving this Y/N. You like to be watched and you like having two men at the same time don't you princess?" Jongdae said in your ear.
You nodded while you were biting your lip trying to control your moans. Minseok looked up and crawled over your body to give you a kiss,
"I love you baby girl, let me make love to you."
Your voice showed how weak you were to Minseok, what was Jongdae thinking bringing him here? You couldn't deny you were having fun and god you missed his body. He was stripping himself down and revealing his amazing chocolate abs, his toned arms, his beautiful legs.
"I need to punish you first baby girl." He whispered.
Jongdae chuckled from behind you,
"I wonder what that looks like. Let me get a better view." He said.
He had pulled his shirt off of you and unhooked your bra. He pulled both off of you with ease then helped Minseok put you on your knees.
"You get ten baby girl so count for me." He said.
Jongdae was the only one in the room that still had any clothing on him. He bent down in his tight jeans and smiled in your face. You felt the first smack and you counted out loud. The second one came and Jongdae still watched amused at how your face changed.With each smack to your butt, Minseok slapped harder, he didn't give you a lot of recovery time either. He simply smoothed his hand over the smack and then headed to the other cheek that was still stinging.
"Eight." You counted.
Jongdae looked over your shoulder then back at you,
"Your butt is all red Y/N." He chuckled.
"Is the commentary necessary Sunshine?"
He laughed and kissed you, you could feel his fingers run through your hair before he tightend his grip and pulled your head back. He licked your neck as Minseok laid another slap on your butt. You let out a little yelp after that slap, Jongdae pulled back to look at you.
"Did that hurt Princess?" Jongdae asked you.
You nodded.
"Then tell him, tell him to stop." He cooed.
You shook your head, Minseok leaned over your body and reached for your breast causing you to shift backwards and feel his hot erection against your ass. He kissed your cheek,
"She likes to be punished, the harder the slap the wetter she gets." Minseok educated Jongdae.
It finally dawned on you,
"Did you two plan this?" You asked.
"I just want to make you happy Y/N, a two for one special should make you happy." Jongdae said.
"What's the one?" You asked.
"One night only, we both get to make you cum." Minseok answered.
You couldn't believe Minseok of all people had agreed to this. Minseok laid the final smack to your butt and you said,
"Now let's hear you beg for what you really want." Jongdae said.
"I want him inside me." You said.
"Which one baby girl, you know how you're supposed to beg me." Minseok said.
"Please Minnie, I need you inside me."
"You want me to move slow baby girl?"
"No I want you to do me rough, make me scream, daddy I need you." You said.
"That's a good girl, I'll give you exactly what you want." He said.
Minseok wasted no time in slamming into you making you moan out loud in pure pleasure. He let you get adjusted to him being inside you before he started to move again. Jongdae's eyes had grown darker and he stared at you almost piercing through you. He licked his lips while looking at yours.
"Shit that was hot princess. I love the way you beg." He sad.
You reached out groping his crotch through his jeans while Minseok fucked you hard from behind. Jongdae moved your hand so he could free himself of the rest of his clothes and you saw him grab his throbbing dick and point the head towards your lips. He had precum already slightly spilling out and he painted your lips with it before he stuck just the head into your mouth. He moved back and forth only pushing himself into your mouth shallowly. The popping sound that came from you taking him in and out of your mouth had you clench tighter to Minseok.
"I want more Sunshine." You said.
He cocked an eyebrow,
"More Princess, you're being so greedy today." He chuckled.
He wrapped his hand around your head and made you take him in your mouth deeper. You sucked in your cheeks and the motion of you being fucked from behind helped you suck Jongdae off. He threw his head back releasing a moan,
"I miss your body baby girl, I love you." Minseok said.
You couldn't respond to him Jongdae pushed farther into your mouth making you gag a little.
"Sorry princess." Jongdae said.
Your tongue still swirled around his dick and you pulled back so you could breathe. Minseok pulled out of you while your hand moved up and down Jongdae's dick. Minseok made you sit up and as you sat up straight he put your hand on his dick. Jongdae pulled you off of him and he laid down on the bed. He grabbed your thigh notifying you on what you were supposed to do next. You straddled Jongdae and he aligned himself with you and used his other hand to push you down on his dick. You began to ride Jongdae while you were jerking off Minseok.
"Fuck Y/N you're amazing. Call my name princess." Jongdae groaned.
"Jongdae, ah, Jongdae, Jon-"
Minseok kissed you while your hand kept moving around him, cutting you off. His hand fondled your breasts while he kissed you. Your lips were swollen from his rough kissing and you loved it. You pulled back from him to gasp when you felt Jongdae press against your clit.
"Show me some love too princess." He said.
You leaned down to kiss him and when you did Minseok placed light kisses on your shoulder and neck. His hand wrapped around your waist and he pulled you up from Jongdae. He kissed you again,
"Greedy." Jongdae muttered when Minseok pulled you away from him.
Minseok's lips ran down to your breast to suck on them then he traced circles around them making you want to push his head in more so that he would bite and suck it. Jongdae sat up while you moved up and down, your breast now in his face and Minseok pushed back out of the way. He kissed your chest as you moved and Minseok noticed you getting sloppy in your movements.
"Don't cum yet Y/N." Minseok said.
"Jo- dae." His name got broken up in your attempt to not come undone just yet.
"I can't - wait." You said.
Minseok grabbed you by the shoulders and yanked you back onto the bed. You let out a breath of excitement. Minseok's mouth came crashing down on yours. You could feel Jongdae moving around and he slid out of you to give Minseok his chance to get on top of you. Minseok broke your kiss, panting and you watched as he lifted your legs onto his thighs and then pushed inside you. The switching of Jongdae's length reaching you deep and Minseok stretching you out was going to have you cum any minute.
"How does it feel baby girl?"
"Amazing." You said completely lost by both men.
Jongdae turned your head so he could kiss you while Minseok began pushing down into you hitting even better spots then you could imagine. Jongdae pulled away and said,
"I'm almost there princess just give me a little more."
You nodded and took him into your mouth again as Minseok started moving fast inside you.
"Jongdae, not in her mouth." He said.
"You should see her when she swallows it though, she looks so damn sexy." Jongdae retorted.
You never knew why Minseok was big about not releasing in your mouth. You weren't a big fan of it but you did it every now and again. Minseok would always stop you and tell you no if you tried to make him cum in your mouth. Despite having used a condom for the three years you two had been together, he always liked being inside you when he came. He liked being inside you when you came, he said once that it felt like you two were completely connected. That meant that he didn't want Jongdae to be connected to you. It made sense, he still wanted to be with you and for the past four months you two were getting close again because you were dealing with the baby.
Jongdae groaned at you sucking him again but this time you knew he was close to coming. You sucked harder and faster.
"Y/N not in your mouth baby girl." Minseok warned.
It didn't stop you from bobing your head and licking him like he was your favorite lollipop. Jongdae kept thrusting into your mouth to aid in the situation and Minseok slammed into you harder but it felt amazing! You were close to coming as your moans got muffled by Jongdae in your mouth. Jongdae's hand went to your head to hold you there, his full length in your mouth then he pulled back and went deep inside your mouth again and held you there; he did it one last time before he guided your head back into the bobbing motion,
"Yes Princess, you're so good. Shit." He said.
You tightend around Minseok feeling your climax coming on you quick. Minseok was close too and he pushed deep into you one last time sending you both over the edge. Minseok pulled your head back to look at him and he kissed you just as Jongdae released, had he not come down to kiss you Jongdae would've only splashed you in the face with his cum but it hit Minseok as well. He only pulled you away and occupied your mouth so that Jongdae wouldn't cum in it. You looked to Jongdae who had chuckled at what he had done and Minseok turned to him with a very annoyed face.
"You did not just do that." Minseok said disgusted.
You laughed,
"It's your own fault Minnie you got in the way." You said.
"That's because he would've came in your mouth when I said not to." He said clearly jealous.
"I bet you taste just as good as he does, you just have to let me try." You flirted unintentionally.
Jongdae laughed and you went and wiped the rest off of Minseok's face, just to annoy him you licked your fingers clean. He groaned,
"Mean." He said.
You only laughed and you kissed him. After which you happened to fall asleep......
Jongdae's POV
So much had happened in such a small amount of time. Y/N and Jongdae began sleeping together more often but with less guilt and more freedom to be with each other but he could feel it, that she was hurt and angry not just that Sin Hye was pregnant but that it was Minseok that had gotten her pregnant. He never truly understood how she could hold on to him for so long after everything he had done but it dawned on him that, that was what she meant when she said falling out of love quickly meant you didn't really love them at all. Sin Hye he was always sure he was in love with, he was sure that he knew she was the one for him but even Jongdae had unspoken days where he hated that she didn't come home some nights, he hated how she was flirtatious with other men but she had said she did it unconsciously she never thought she was flirting. The big problem was that Sin Hye didn't care about him as much as she said she did. She put on a good act because he was way too blind in love with her to see the venom dripping from her teeth. Every kiss, every touch, every gift, every promise.... It all meant so much more to him then it did her. He hated that he loved her, he did love her and he fought off all those feelings of love to the point that just the thought of her made his blood boil. Her getting pregnant and the smile she cracked when Y/N was screaming made him even angrier. Y/N was so distraught and angry, when she threw the phone at her head he partly wanted to let her go so she could do worse but there was a baby involved.
When he went to talk to Y/N later that night, after he picked her up, she was in heavy tears. She explained how Minseok begged her to stay, he explained to her why he cheated. The first half being a piss poor excuse but after finding out what kind of girl Sin Hye was he couldn't help but feel like he might've done the same thing if he had been in Minseok's position. Of course this was nothing he would say to Y/N not because she was hurt but even Jongdae knew it would've been better to just tell her what happened then to pay the blackmail. He hated that Minseok had lost his senses after Y/N told him they were sleeping together. The anger he knew very well but for him to hurt her and not stop when she clearly was in pain made him upset. The fact that he told her no and then said he wanted her to have his baby it all just pissed him off.
The next few weeks went by with them living with each other and being able to have sex freely when they were frustrated. When he came inside her, after the condom broke, he freaked out. She had fallen asleep just after that, she had been tired that entire day. He only slept with her because she asked him to. He tried to wake her up but she was in a deep sleep. He told her the next morning but she said she'd take the morning after pill on her way to work. She had gotten so distracted that she forgot to do it. The first time she even took it she had taken it much later then what she was supposed to but she had seemed fine for a while so it didn't seem like she was pregnant. Later on though that next week he had found out that she didn't take it because she'd gotten distracted by work. She was starting to feel sick on and off throughout the day. She thought it was food poisoning at first but when Jongdae suggested she take a test everything that he had been suspecting came to light. He was so nervous, beyond nervous because he didn't know if she was pregnant and if she was then whose was it, was it his or was it Minseok's? He didn't want to believe it was Minseok's, Jongdae himself didn't even want a child or at the very least he had never thought about having one. If the baby was Minseok's though, she would be attached to him forever. Jongdae believed that deep down she wanted it to be that way. She wanted to be with him again which was why she would only say she liked him but that she still loved Minseok. Neither one of them had dealt with their emotions in the proper way anyway. Jongdae was living with his blind hate of Sin Hye, especially after finding out that she had an abortion and then tried to get back with him. Y/N was still hung up over Minseok and he believed anytime she could feel her feelings for him take a toll on her she would sleep with Jongdae to push those feelings away. Jongdae was sure that she liked him but he was also sure that she was trying her best to fall in love with him. He was only going to be a replacement though and he knew that. Y/N hadn't yet figured it out but logically she didn't see it as a good idea to get involved in a relationship at the moment but in a way they had already developed some kind of relationship, one that wasn't healthy at all.
When she told him that she needed to tell Minseok, he wondered if she wanted to tell him because she wanted him to be the father or if it was because she already knew he was the father. She let him come to the doctors office too. He could see in both of them, he could tell when she told him about them meeting up. What she had found out about Sin Hye seeing a third guy, how she had time to balance three men at once he had no idea but it was the way she described his face when they met. Minseok was living in his own little hell without her. He wanted her back so bad and she started to tear up even as she described how he looked and talked to her. The more sensitive half of Minseok had come out and he had known it wasn't an act. Minseok truly loved Y/N he may lose his temper every now and again especially when other men touched her but he loved her. He wanted to protect what was his, Sin Hye knew how to pray off of Minseok's feelings for Y/N. The more Minseok tried to show how much he wanted Y/N and loved her the more ammo he gave Sin Hye to use against him without him even realizing it. If he loved her that much the fear of her finding out about their affair would make her end the relationship. She almost had too, it was the first time she hadn't reacted off of impulse. She left before she could hurt him or her, she came to Jongdae to tell him she knew he was telling her the truth and then they drank. Everything was so messy now and to add a baby into the mix it didn't seem like it would get better. Then the baby turned out to be Minseok's which Jongdae had started preparing himself to hear for a while. Minseok didn't show any emotion when Y/N confirmed it was his, he probably thought Y/N was just saying the baby was his in front of the doctor just for show. Both him and Minseok were attentive during her examine but Jongdae had already known, she was close to five weeks, it wasn't his baby.
It was from that point Jongdae was trying to decide what he wanted to do. Y/N was going to be around Minseok more often and it wasn't even that Jongdae was upset at Minseok, he was still annoyed with him but most of that had subsided when he saw how much he loved Y/N. Jongdae knew he had to give up on her. She wasn't going to be his, she wasn't meant to be his anyway. He loved her so much but she couldn't let go of Minseok and now with his baby she would never let go of him unless he messed up again. Minseok wasn't stupid though, there was no way in hell he'd ever mess up with her again. All Minseok needed was the chance to get back with her. So off and on again Jongdae would steal moments where he could have her all to himself and then he'd tell her that maybe it was best for her to go back with him. He'd encourage her to sit down and talk with him to discuss the situation with the baby. Y/N could sense that there was something wrong but she didn't know how to place it, the more he touched her the harder it was for her to figure out what was going on in his head. She probably wasn't sure how to ask him what was going on. He could see the change in her though, that she was falling back into her love with Minseok and that they were getting along. If he could have her one last time in a perfect way then he'd let her go. Loving someone didn't always mean fighting for them sometimes it meant letting them go. Y/N loved Minseok and she would be happy with him and no matter how much it killed Jongdae he wanted her to be happy. So he met up with Minseok for lunch one day.
"Did you call me out here to finally cuss me out?"Minseok asked.
"You know as my best friend you doing that to me was really shitty but in hind sight it disillusioned me from Sin Hye's spell so I can only really be grateful to you. The dumbest thing you could've ever done though was break her heart."
"I know that." Minseok said annoyed.
"You should know that she still loves you. She's trying hard not to but she does because for three years you were her world and now she's having your baby. I know exactly how you feel, I know why you get so jealous when others look at her or touch her, I know what it's like to be in love with her. It is killing me to watch her look and think of you when you did that to her but she- fucking loves you Minseok. So I think you two should move back into together." he said.
Minseok looked at him strangely. It looked like he partly pitied Jongdae because they both knew how it felt and also because he had lost two people he had loved.
"Has Y/N said anything?" Minseok asked.
"No, she doesn't have to. It's written all over her like a damn neon sign. So I'll talk to her, and I'll tell her to move in with you but I want to be with her one last time. " Jongdae said.
"How do you mean?"
"You know how and after that I'll back off. I'll stop seeing her, I'll back off and I won't touch her I won't call her I'll give you guys the time you need to heal. Come over tomorrow." he said.
He slipped Minseok the address and Jongdae stood up and walked out before he could object to anything. Y/N was partly right, Jongdae had planned this with Minseok but even Minseok had no idea about three way until he showed up. In all honesty, Jongdae hadn't planned how it would happen he just went along with everything. During it all, Minseok telling her he loved her had made Jongdae jealous and upset but he didn't let it show because he wanted to enjoy Y/N one last time. She seemed happy to be with Minseok again. By the time she woke up a few hours later Minseok had left their apartment so that Jongdae could speak to her.
"Jongdae what were you thinking inviting him into something like that?" She asked.
"You liked it didn't you princess?" Jongdae smiled.
She chuckled embarrased,
"Yeah I kind of did."
"That's all I want to hear....Y/N." he said.
"I think you should move back in with Minseok."
"You two are having a baby and I can see how much he still loves you and how much you still love him. I just think it would benefit everyone if you two tried to work things out and live as a family." he said.
"Jongdae just because we're having a baby together doesn't mean I have to be with him or even live with him. Sure the ideal situation would be to be a family but I don't want to be with him." she said.
"You're lying princess. It's easy to see how much you love him and even if you didn't you know how I feel about you. Can you look me in the eye and say you love me?" he asked.
She looked at him with soft eyes and then looked away, she bit her lip to keep her tears from pushing out.
"Just think about it Princess." Jongdae said.
He went for her lips taking in a long lasting kiss, on the inside he didn't want to say goodbye but he had too.
"I love you Y/N.... That's why I have to let you go now." He whispered.
She did think about it, it seemed like she had left on the account of trying to make him feel more comfortable but over the course of the next few months that she was pregnant and living with Minseok they had settled their differences. It wasn't like everything was finished with them but they had gone to consuling and they were working things out. Y/N tried keeping in touch with him but the more Jongdae avoided her the better. Junmyeon and Baekhyun had told him when the baby was born. They named him Ah Seong, they were happy together and that's all Jongdae could wish for because he loved her so he let her go. Minseok even proposed a few months after Ah Seong was born and she accepted. It hurt how much they loved each other but it was for the best, they were a happy family. He felt it was worth it even when letting her go was the most painful thing he ever had to endure.....
Sorry this update took so long it's the longest chapter of this story and I was going back and forth on how I wanted to end it. I wanted it to be Jongdae's baby then I went back to the original plan with it being Minseok's baby. Then I decided since I don't ever end my Angst stories on a true angst ending I would do it with this one. This one hurt me a bit which is why I don't end my stories in a true angst fashion but I decided to do it this time. Anyway,I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for reading bunnies. ~Babydollbre 🐰🐰🐰
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