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First episode : January 5, 2009 Final episode : March 31, 2009
Lee Min-Ho. Character: Gu Jun-pyo. [F4 leader] Age: 29 Lee Min-Ho will be staring in a new drama called Legend Of The Blue Sea which will be airing November 2016.
Kim Hyun-Joong Character: Yoon Ji-hoo. [F4 Member] Age: 30 Won case against ex-girlfriend on August 10, 2016.
Kim Bum Character: So Yi-jung. [F4 Member] Age: 27 He was recently in a drama called Mrs.Cop2 as a villain, that ended May 8, 2016.
Kim Joon Character: Song Woo-bin. [F4 Member] Age: 32 Kim joon still makes music but hasn't released anything yet, the last time he was photographed (in the eyes of paparazzi) was back in 2013 being discharged from military duty.
Ku Hye-Sun Character: Geum Jan-Di. Age: 31 She married Ahn Jae-hyun in 2016. To her surprise she would live through another loveable jerk. Ahn Jae-hyun will be staring in Cinderella And The Four Knight's.
Kim So-eun Character: Ga Eul [Geum Jan-Di BFF] Age: 27 She has been confirmed as the leading lady in a new drama called Dugeun Dugeun Spike 2.
Kim Hyun-Joo Character: Gu Jun-hee [Gu Jun-pyo's sister] Age: 39 Is a leading lady in the new drama Fantastic that recently came out September 2, 2016. (sorry there were no gifs of her)
Lee Hye -Young Character: Kang Hee-soo [Gu Jun-pyo's mother] Age: 53 She was last filmed in a drama called Can You Hear My Heart 2011. I guess she's taking a break from acting. (Second picture is most recent in 2011)
Who was your favorite BOF character in 2009?(who you liked when you saw it). Who is your favorite BOF person now? (Do you like who the person is in 2016). Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed this card down memory lane. If there's another classic drama from the old days you would like me to do let me know in the comments! ☆ ~ Tagging the vingle fam ~ ☆   @GDsGF @BBxGD @Tigerlily84 @chelseaJay  @nnatalieg  @SusiBosshammer  @Meeshell  @shantalcamara @xoxoaudra98  @RaquelArredondo @asdfghjimin  @JessicaChaney  @Taijiotter  @VIPforever123  @beckiboop1996  @GauhuaYang  @PrettieeEmm  @kpopandkimchi  @CleoHoney  @SusiBosshammer  @CreeTheOtaku  @PassTheSuga  @DenieceSuit  @rcuero  @AlyssaGelet818  @Ng98  @yukala9065  @solodaywithB1A4  @MaggieHolm  @jgallegos222  @TLeahEdwards  @btsgotshinee  @Atomshair  @KpopGaby @catchyacrayon @CuteBabyLay @KDluvR1999 @TracyLynnn @JennyKool @biancadanica98  @gabbycalzada  @Kieuseru @mymi @lilianaZeferino @lilbr0wneyes
Lee Min Ho playing Go Jun-Pyo and I still love him now!
Kim Hyun Joong since SS501 and Now After his scandal... I sent him a "DM" and an "I M" letting him know when I was going to meet my "Grandson" there is nothing that hard work and commitment can conquer! you know he still has yet to answer! but I'm waiting... "IM"-patiently but I'm waiting!