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Here it is!!!!!!!!!

Mark left. He just left you sitting there with your ankle in so much pain. You start to cry, all you want to do is cuddle with your boyfriend and hope all the worries in your world go away. You don't get that though. You stop in the middle of a sob because your phone goes off, it's Mark. "I'm sorry I had to leave like that, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to. Forgive me~~" You text him to say comeback to where you were. And you could hear his phone go off out of the doorway, he walks in crying to. He picks you up out of your chair and carries you to the couch in the room. And he says, "Come here and cuddle, I've been dying to cuddle with you". So you go up to him and stuff your head into his shirt, and you feel so happy to feel the warmth of your boyfriend's body. You fall asleep.

The Next Day

You wake up in your bed with ice on your ankle and you want to get up but you realize that you can't walk with your ankle. You see Mark next to you and you smile, what did you ask for to get such and amazing boyfriend? You see his hair and start to run your fingers through his hair. He turns his head around and it's Yugyeom. Your so confused. Why are you in a bed with Yugyeom with him not having a shirt on and you being in shorty-shorts? You start to freak out. "Hey! I was sound asleep! Your so rude! Just kidding Y/N, Love You!", Yugyeom says. "Yugyeom, what happened last night? Why am I in a bed with you?", you ask. "Well, Mark left you alone at the studio because he had to go meet with the manager, and I went into the room and saw you just laying there, so I picked you up and took you back to the dorms. I also don't know if I told you this but I like you, and I'm happy for you and Mark but, I like you and I just put you in your bed and slept next to you, you thought I was Mark the whole time. Please don't tell Marku~!!", Yugyeom exclaimed. "I won't tell Mark. If you like me then you should have just told me. Besides, I'm happy you took care of me and made sure I was ok. Thanks Yugyeom oppa~!", you say. He smiles and tells you that he got a pair of crunches and some bandages. He gets up and gets both items and starts to put the bandage on your ankle, with some ointment. Once he's done putting the bandage on he gives you the crunches. You can finally walk! It was such a relief to walk again. You head out into the kitchen and you get some breakfast, Yugyeom left and you go on with your day. Just a normal simple day.